Friday, 8 August 2014


by The Editors

What happens when the predominant misandric narrative concerning the alleged preponderance of "creepy," violent, and abusive men in our society conflicts with the predominant narrative concerning the supposed "ickiness" of guns and the immediate need to confiscate all such horrible instruments of death and transfer them immediately to where the belong; that is, to the hands of enlightened representatives of the protective, paternal United State?

In short, what happens when a young woman demands the right to be armed, in order to stop a legit creep from raping or killing her?

I mean come on, Big Brother, tell us what we should believe on this matter... We're stuck. Our hivemind has hit a horrible snag.

From the article linked to above:

Fearing a man who she says has stalked her for four years, a Dartmouth College student is pushing for legislation that would allow her to carry a concealed weapon.

San Diego native Taylor Woolrich shared her story at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., for the Students for Concealed Carry’s national conference.

“What if today’s the day?” she said during her 9-minute speech at the conference. “What if today is the day that he posts bail? What if today is the day that he finds out my parents’ new address? What if today is the day he finds out I live in a gun-free zone? … I’m constantly wondering, ‘What if?’ because I have no way to protect myself.”

Woolrich told convention attendees she does not own a gun. “Do I need one to protect myself from him? Potentially,” she added. “Do I want to take that risk [of not getting a gun]? Absolutely not. I do intend on getting one as soon as possible. I deserve the right, and that option. I deserve to feel safe, and know that, if something did happen, I have the ability to protect myself and those around me."

Woolrich's story as covered by NBC:

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