Friday, 12 September 2014


You're all familiar with the usual Liberal gumph about the problems of Blacks in modern Western societies being entirely down to the racist traumas they suffered under slavery and segregation centuries ago.

A hundred years from now, future Black dysfunction might well be put down to the nightmares their forbears suffered under the horrors of "White privilege" and the occasional "unkind word." But when it comes to the much greater traumas they suffer day-in-day-out at the hands of other Blacks that is irrelevant and quickly forgotten.

You see this phenomenon all the time in stories on Africa, like the recent report on African Union "peacekeepers" in the failed state that is Somalia, sexually exploiting and raping, in an entirely predictable way, young women — some as young as twelve — who come under their control. The BBC reports:
"African Union (AU) troops raped women and girls seeking medical aid or water from their bases in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, a rights group says. The troops had 'misused' their power over women fleeing violence and poverty, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said. One Muslim girl, aged 15, reportedly had her headscarf ripped off before being raped. The AU, which has some 22,000 troops fighting militant Islamists in Somalia, says it will investigate the claims."
The AU will investigate the claims! Well, that's reassuring, except for the fact that this will probably involve yet more incontinent African soldiers interviewing nubile victims and possibly their younger sisters to, ahem, "get at the truth." No doubt there will be yet further sexual exploitation and rapes, some of which might even make the Pakistan rape gangs of Rotherham seem gentlemanly by comparison.

But that's just Africa for you. Africa is "trauma central," and was so even in the bad old days of slavery, although luckily none of the terrible things that happened to the slaves before they came to America had any bad effects on them. That was purely down to the awful White racism they encountered after they came into the hands of the White man.

As for the present trauma suffered at the hands of their fellow Africans in the guise of peacekeepers, well, these things happen. Luckily your average underage African girl is tough and resilient, and will pull through. It will soon be water under the bridge as far as White liberals and everyone else is concerned. But it would be a very different thing if the perpetrators had been White, because, in such cases, as proved by history and the affirmative action shakedown industry, the trauma stays and grows with each subsequent generation, snowballing with the generations and the centuries.

So great is the power of the White man that any act of violence he inflicts on Blacks will last centuries, break apart entire countries, and reduce any descendants of the original victims to endless poverty, dysfunction, and resentment.

So weak is the Black man that even the most terrible and horrific acts he commits against his own kind or Whites will evaporate from the public consciousness like dew in the desert.

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