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Conservative columnist George Will is a model representative of his profession. That is to say, he is shrill, completely lacking in imagination and scruples, and feels the need to perpetuate whatever narrative the ruling elite have devised for public consumption.

In a column from earlier this month Will, with the hysterics common to his profession, accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of a “fascist revival” and of being “Hitlerian.” How does Will justify such charges? Well:
“Putin's essence is anger. It is a smoldering amalgam of resentment (of Russia's diminishment because of the Soviet Union's collapse), revanchist ambitions (regarding formerly Soviet territories and spheres of influence), cultural loathing (for the pluralism of open societies) and ethnic chauvinism that presages "ethnic cleansing" of non-Russians from portions of Putin's expanding Russia.”
So the angry Putin (like a certain angry, failed Austrian painter) wants to rebuild the Soviet Union (Wait! I thought he was a fascist, not a Bolshevik?), and, as an enemy of something called “the open society,” he wants to ethnically cleanse all non-Russians from Russia.

Contrary to appearances,
this man is not a waiter.
His evidence for all of this? Other than the usual Washington talking points about the Ukraine, George Will doesn’t offer us any. Putin has not, to this writer’s knowledge, ever so much as hinted that he has the intention or desire to ethnically cleanse any population in Russia or beyond. As for Putin’s “cultural loathing”, Putin has celebrated Russia as a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional state.

As for the civil war in Eastern Ukraine, it may be many things, but it most certainly isn’t a territorial invasion on a par with Hitler’s blitzkriegs against Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Russia. Contrary to George Will and the Washington beltway mouthpieces, Putin has actually shown much restraint toward the Kiev government’s war on those ethnic Russian citizens in the Eastern Ukraine who are seeking greater autonomy; and he has also shown no interest in absorbing the region into some sort of “Greater Russia.”

Over the past decade it has been Washington, not Moscow, that has sought to project and expand its influence, in Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, and elsewhere, through direct military intervention or military support to proxies. Behind all the juvenile tantrums calling Putin a national chauvinist and a “new Hitler” is an active element of what the psychologist Sigmund Freud identified as psychological projection: George Will wishes to project America’s evils onto another entity.

When memes go bad:
Goldfish Hitler
Now to be fair, George Will is not the first to use the Putin-is-Hitler meme; Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Prince Charles, among others, have all used the ridiculous comparison. As a water-carrier for elite, globalist opinion Will of course wishes to echo them. His current demonization of Putin fits well with his past role as cheerleader for America’s unipolar global hegemony, has did his staunch advocacy of the 2003 invasion of Iraq (only later turning against it, finger to the wind, when it become unpopular).

Returning to Putin, my friend Mark Hackard recently observed:
“Running afoul of American geopolitical designs triggers the Reductio ad Hitlerum mechanism — it’s a multipurpose tool of manipulation used against public opinion and handy for practically any occasion.”
George Will, despite playing the role of the wise, thoughtful conservative on the Sunday political talk shows, is a nothing more than a petty propagandist for the power elite that wish to degrade Russia and expand NATO into Eastern Europe.

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