In deference to our credo of promoting Alt Right Art, the arts and entertainment staff at Alternative Right is taking the unprecedented step of making a poignant plea to its its readership: Please, when you have a spare half-hour in the next few days, watch the pilot of Whit Stillman's new scintillating, wry, amusing and shimmeringly intelligent Amazon sitcom, "The Cosmopolitans." (Link to the ep below.)

If you like what you see (and surely you will, if you have taste, as surely you do), then vote the show "up." Apparently, like other new pilots that Amazon is funding, the future of "The Cosmopolitans" as a series depends upon the registered interest of viewers.

Whit Stillman, the writer and director of the series, is an unbridled aesthetic reactionary and cultural conservative who treats his predominantly white, professional, hyper-articulate, ultra-literate, uber-refined (if often comically befuddled) characters with great sympathy, compassion and respect. His stories are  modern-day comedies of manners that recall a more civilized era, while also often serving as a pointed commentary on the generally sorry state of present affairs.

Of course, none of this would particularly matter if Stillman weren't also an incredibly witty writer of dialogue and a masterful creator of characters, which he is. And episode one of "The Cosmopolitans" proves Whit's worth yet again.

For a primer on the Stillman oeuvre please see Andy Nowicki's article at Counter-Currents, The Discrete Wit of Whit Stillman.

All hail the latest edition to the Stillman canon! UHB (that is, urban haute bourgeoisie.) forever!

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