Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Raw Story is a somewhat popular click bait site for smug liberal millennials who seek constant reinforcement for their juvenile, therapeutic “political” ideology. It is a fellow traveler of such click bait dumpsters as Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Salon. It exists purely to attack the phantom enemies of the leftist establishment, specifically Republicans and conservative Christians. A daily sampling of the leading headlines on Raw Story reveal their obsession with casting conservatives and Christians (one and the same in their minds) as vicious bigots out to persecute homosexuals and Muslims and impose some sort of theocracy on America (this absurd conspiracy theory is a staple of the establishment left).

Recently Raw Story published a story about an obscure evangelical Christian preacher, Rick Wiles, who expressed sentiments that the Ebola virus might by God’s way of ridding America of homosexuals and atheists. The notion is of course absurd, but no serious person has likely heard of the preacher, much less given any sort of regard to his silly fantasies.

The story is intended to be fodder for the trendy young atheist liberals that read Raw Story and wish to feel superior to ignorant, bigoted religious believers. They like to pretend that the bizarre ranting of an unknown pastor are widely prevalent religious sentiments.

I personally have no wish to disabuse liberals of such fantasies. What they think is of little concern to me. Plato did not take the political opinions of anyone under forty years old seriously, and I do not see why I should depart for his sage wisdom.

Furthermore, that Raw Story would trawl the internet looking for the most inflammatory content is unsurprising. That’s how they get readers; they find alleged demagogues so that they too can be demagogues. As the saying went when I was a child: garbage in, garbage out; Raw Story has little in the way of scruples. (Raw Story recently tried to slime my friend Jay Dyer by insinuating that he was an anti-Semite merely for expressing his skepticism about the details surrounding a mass shooting/stabbing in California.)

Now why is Raw Story even worth writing about? In usual circumstances I would say it is not worth reading, much less writing about. What interests me here is the response to Raw Story, or rather the previously mentioned article about the buffoonish Christian preacher with his fantasy that the Ebola outbreak is one of the ten plagues of the Egyptians.

I noticed a reaction on Facebook to the article by a group of conservative Christians and Catholics. Instead of making the obvious point that Raw Story was just trolling (notice their absence of any serious coverage of the radical black Muslim that beheaded a woman in Oklahoma), they leapt up to denounce the pastor, and one commentator stated that this pastor and his stupid comments were the reason that people had a justifiable hatred toward Christians.

Rick Wiles, another Liberal wet dream.
I would start by stating that, like the late-Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist church, if this firebrand pastor did not exist the left would have to invent him. That he is an unknown entity without any known access to power or the political establishment must also be noted. This is a case of power (with Raw Story being an appendage of the Democratic party) attacking the powerless.

So why are conservative Catholics denouncing him for the pleasure of the left that hates them as much, if not more? Do they really think by casting stones at some random pastor dredged up by a leftist website they can earn favor with their persecutors? Indeed, it goes without saying that as far as a site like Raw Story is concerned there is no difference between Rick Wiles, Fred Phelps, and the retired Pope Benedict XVI (admired by the same Catholics denouncing Wiles).

This is exactly why conservatives, be they religious or political, make no headway. They let their enemies set the terms of the debate, as well as dictate what Emmanuel Goldstein they must denounce for the daily Two Minutes Hate period. These same conservative Christians that are now hesitant to criticize homosexuals, Jews, and other elevated minorities abandoned their thou-shalt-not-judge attitude to excommunicate those to their right. This is the dhimmitude of the conservatives in a leftist-ruled society.

One not need agree with Rick Wiles's superstitious fantasies to see that casting him into the outer darkness to appease liberal trolls is both useless and worse, defeatist. This will not earn them the respect or affection of their leftist opponents, but will be interpreted for what it is, an expression of self-loathing and weakness.

As such, when it comes to participating in this media-sanctioned denunciation, count me out. It’s not that I have any use for the ridiculous rhetoric of Rick Wiles or others of his ilk; rather I refuse to let my enemies dictate who I’m supposed to oppose in the name of being respectable.

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