In defense the way to win is to get your enemies to attack you at your strongest point. In offense the way to win is to attack your enemies at their weakest point.

Now, just supposing you were a White-hating, globalist shill – or a slap-headed moron who just acted like a White-hating, globalist shill – and wanted to sidetrack nationalism for as long as possible, then you would want to trick nationalists into attacking by the most bloody, dangerous, and fruitless route possible, the one where their efforts would reap the lowest possible return, and which would lead to their destruction.

In fact, you might even set up something like The Daily Stormer, a populist mix of 4chan Nazi porn, monster truck machismo, and juvenile racist trolling that serves to repel normal people from nationalism, while ghettoizing existing nationalists ever further from the mainstream.

Following Greg Johnson’s thoughtful and precise article against such self-destructive Vantardism, which merely referred to The Daily Stormer in passing, that sites’s publisher Andrew Anglin was stung into writing a long, rambling, defensive, and idiotic article – Fortress Defense Saga: Greg Johnson Joins the Assault on Our Base – which, predictably, failed to address any of the pertinent criticisms made.

But, better than this, Anglin was flushed out by Johnson’s article into revealing his secret plan and the simplistic mechanism of his anti-nationalism. Halfway through his outpouring of butthurt flummery, there is a moment of unwitting clarity when he reveals his formula in a direct address to Johnson:
"You cannot preserve the White race without addressing the Jews.
You cannot address the Jews without addressing their hoax.
You cannot address their hoax without addressing Adolf Hitler."
This is the article’s eureka moment – the cockroach caught in the kitchen light, so to speak – so, go back and have a good look at it again, and think deeply about what Anglin is actually saying.

What Anglin is unequivocally saying here is that before you can do anything at all about preserving and protecting the White race – stopping mass immigration, say, or encouraging White women to have at least 2.1 babies – you must first get everyone to love Hitler and hate the Jews, and if you can't accomplish these supposed preconditions then you had best forget the whole shebang, So what he is really saying is simply:
"You cannot preserve the White race." 
This negative linkage is, in essence, no different from that used by Leftists as they attempt – thankfully with diminishing returns over the years – to demonize any ethnonationalist stirring as the first step towards Hitler and six million lampshades.

For both Anglin and Leftists the essential thing is linkage between the two. Leftists say that whatever you do to protect and preserve the White race ultimately leads to Hitler, while Anglin says before you protect and preserve the White race, you must first get everyone to love Hitler.

That’s placing a mighty big condition on the preservation of the White race, in fact, an impossible one, and clearly reveals a man who, in his innermost heart, clearly hates the White race as much as any diseased Leftist – or is such a dimwit that he acts in exactly this way.

Let me give you another analogy, as these analogies of mine seem to cause Anglin such distress.
Imagine, if you will, a fortress that has two approaches. One is from the West, over easy terrain, over which you can move your cannon easily, towards a point where the walls are quite low and weak. It is the obvious place to attack.

On the East, however, the approach is rather more difficult. Lets say it passes over a weak rope bridge, surrounded by enormous towers packed with enemy archers. Underneath a moat full of man-eating crocodiles awaits. Once across the bridge, it is a sheer climb up slippery rocks with the approach enfiladed on three sides by the enemy’s artillery, until you reach the gate of death, where any survivors can easily be drowned in boiling oil.
Now which way would you attack? Led by a sane, honest, and wise leader, you would of course attack from the West. But led by the likes of Anglin, you would be conned into attacking by the narrow tortuous route of certain death, the Hitler route.

No matter how long you persist, the great mass of the population is never going to start seeing Hitler through the same rose-tinted spectacles that Anglin pretends to wear; and even though there are plenty of flaws in the story of the Holocaust, most people are going to keep on seeing it in the way that the mainstream media present it. Harnessing ethnonationalism to that  dead weight is the political equivalent of sinking its body in the lake.

It took hundreds of years for the equally mythic construct of Christianity to be partially overturned – and that was with most of the forces of modernity working in tandem towards that end. With that in mind, do really think that Anglin, from the depths of his internet hole, can persuade the world that Hitler was a saint and the Holocaust was a jolly good thing and didn’t happen?

The fact is he doesn’t want to persuade the world, he just want to persuade nationalists and convince them that this is the main issue so that they will join him in the bunker of political suicide. Vantardism is nothing more than a death cult for a dissatisfied underclass that hates the modern world.

Hitler and the holocaust are no more relevant than any other part of history, and should not act as a choke point on ethnonationalism. But even if you do care about the Austrian Corporal and what may or may not have happen to a certain group of people in the care of the Third Reich, the best way to amend the historical record would to leave it off the political agenda altogether. In a world where White nationalism was on the ascendant, people would be more prepared to revise the faulty historical record anyway. By making historical revisionism the precondition of nationalism, you destroy the likelihood of either ever happening.

PS: Don't forget to check the validity of Anglin's approach by comparing the number of votes Robert Randsell gets in the Kentucky senate race with the number of votes cast for the average European nationalist party that avoids Nazi Vantardism.

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