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Western Civilization Bites Back
By Jonathan Bowden (Edited by Greg Johnson)
Counter-Currents Publishing, 228 Pages
Available for purchase from Amazon here

Reviewed by Rune Lauritzen

Some Whites on the mainstream right are obsessed with their own victimhood. They are always on the lookout for someone in the media making an anti-White remark or counting how many Blacks or Asians are in their IKEA catalogs. They say things like, “You know who the REAL racists are? It’s the [Insert favorite opponent here].”

This is the strategy of always looking over their shoulders, always being ready to be offended, and complaining about some other group affirming itself, while they are not “allowed to.” It is essentially the strategy of a minority playing the PC-game at the Oppression Olympics in an attempt to get the majority to feel pity for them. These whites are sulking like it's 2050 when it’s only 2014.

The mentality of Westerners using these minority strategies is, partly or wholly, the result of the internalization of enemy propaganda and forced guilt among the wider population, whereby the affirmation of Western culture has become a dirty thought. This kind of attitude has made most people afraid of being identified with certain historical periods or entities that we are now taught were despicable.

For these timid souls the greatest horror is to be seen as a sympathizer of something like the High Middle Ages of the Catholic Church, the losing side of the American Civil War, the losing side of the First World War, or the losing side of the Second World War. The point of this is that it not only silences the White majority in Western societies, who wish to affirm their history and identity, but it even makes the thought of Western/European national affirmation and identity somehow untouchable.

The problem is that we have been conditioned to start by apologizing for everything and anything. We have been taught that showing pride in our culture is one of the worst evils, and that patriotism is one step towards genocide. When it’s internalized to this degree, it causes majorities to think, feel, and act like minorities.

The solution to this defeatist mindset is to meet every implicit and explicit claim for apology with the answer: “We are not sorry!”

This is how Western civilization should bite back against what is destroying it. Western civilization is not being destroyed by enemies from outside, but is being eaten away from inside because Western peoples have forgotten who they are and what it means to be a part of a civilization.

This is one of many points made by Jonathan Bowden in a series of speeches which have, along with some shorter writings and an interview, been collected and published by Counter-Currents. The work is appropriately titled Western Civilization Bites Back and is an explosion of thoughts and ideas.

Fortunately, before his untimely death in 2012, Jonathan Bowden became a household name in Right wing circles. He is best known as one of the greatest orators of the Right, if not the greatest. Bowden was a living lexicon, not just of Rightist thought but also that of the Left, and of all levels of culture from high-brow to low-brow via middle-brow. His speeches capture all this.

Before I started reading the book, I put on the recording of the speech “Western Civilization Bites Back,” which is the first transcription in the book, and which gives the book its name. Because of the wealth of knowledge Bowden drew on in his speeches, and his unique style of speaking, his speeches were like tornadoes that one got sucked up into. This is why it’s possible to listen to the same speech a dozen times, and still learn something new every time. But reading the transcribed speeches is like freezing time, and being able to freely walk around the tornado, looking at all the knowledge that the tornado has gathered from the historical and philosophical landscape.

This book is important. Not only for posterity, but because it contains ideas, concepts, and people that have been removed from our collective conscience; ideas, concepts, and people that are needed to revive our spirit and will if the West is not just to be a toothless tiger, but one ready to bite back.

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