Wednesday, 15 October 2014


You have probably heard that there is a terrible epidemic sweeping the world that makes people slightly standoffish, avoid certain areas, and mutter unpleasant things in private. You may also be aware that it is growing at a terrible rate, with some experts estimating that it is doubling in size every three weeks and may even be on the verge of exploding globally.

Yes, in tandem with the much less important Ebola virus, which only liquefies people into pools of blood and faeces, something much nastier is spreading across the world in the form of "Racism," a terrible condition that means you’re not a particularly nice person.

Because of the relentless march of this terrible affliction, some people are now "gibbering insanely" that flights from certain parts of Africa should be banned temporarily until further notice. There have even been suggestions that touching certain people with entirely incidental medical symptoms, like necrosis of the flesh, should be avoided. The madness! But such hysteria is only to be expected in an outbreak like this.

So, how can such unforgivable incidents of Racism be stopped?

Ironically, part of the solution may be to stop the much less important outbreak of Ebola. This is because some of the mild fears about the spread of this essentially unimportant illness that may or may not wipe out humanity are being used to transmit the much more dangerous disease of Racism. Some experts therefore believe that eradicating Ebola could take a lot of the wind out of the sails of the spreading Racism pandemic.

Critics of this strategy contend that such views are naive. With Racism spreading as fast as it is, they say, this is no time for indirect measures. Also, some of the methods that would be employed to eradicate Ebola would themselves be Racist and thus make the situation, if anything, worse. How, they ask, would shutting down flights to Monrovia and rigorously imposing White hygiene standards on non-Whites actually deal with the much more pressing problem of accelerating racism?

They contend that racism can only be stopped by ignoring minor and unrelated issues like Ebola, and instead concentrating all resources on a hearts-and-minds strategy of politically correct brainwashing through the usual Liberal-controlled institutions of society.

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