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One of these men is the Crown Prosecutor for NW England.

"Community" is a one of those magical words. Once you apply it to a group – any group – it instantly conjures up an image of concerned individuals gathered together, earnestly discussing important stuff and making judicious, organic decisions that "interface" with local reality. They might even be "addressing issues," another mystic and magical phrase with which it is often conjoined.

Stick "community" on to the end of any group designation and watch it turn suddenly respectable:
The self-harming community
The human-sacrifice and Devil-worshipping community
The cannibal community
The incest community
The international nuclear terrorism community...etc.
The necrophiliac community, for instance, might wish to "address the issue" of cremation, which, I am sure, is "of concern" (another key phrase) to them as it touches on the availability of their sexual partners. And how about the bestiality community? I guess you could say that "marriage equality" is just as pressing an issue for them as it is for the gay community.

Because of their magical abilities, such words and phrases are rolled out through the UK’s media whenever there is a major problem that the establishment doesn't want people to get too worked up about. Conversely they are not rolled out when the establishment does want people to get worked up, for example during wartime. "The Nazi invasion community is currently addressing the issue of reducing London to rubble," has a vaguely reassuring feel to it, doesn't it?

Back in 2011, the news broke that London and other "English" cities had been "experiencing" riots committed by those whom we were immediately reassured were merely "youths." Later stories mentioned appeals by "community leaders" for calm and the need to "address the issues" of "urban deprivation" and "deal with" "community concerns."

A member of the ethnic arsonist community.
I just hope that during all this "consensus building" among "stakeholders" that the interests of the ethnic arsonist community were properly consulted.

Right now the UK is going through a spell of similar mystic incantation over what can be described as the Muslim child rape epidemic (although endemic might be a more objective term). Early attempts to attribute these crimes to males-in-general and Asians – groups too large or nondescript to have specific communities – have failed, so that now it has become an issue for the Muslim community, hence the recent headline in the Guardian:
"Muslim community must address issue of street grooming, says Nazir Afzal"
Nazir Afzal is the Chief Crown Prosecutor of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for North West England, and naturally a Muslim as White Crown Prosecutors seem to be reluctant to meddle in the affairs of communities they don't belong to. Afzal is on record as saying, "My Pakistani heritage helped cut through barriers within the black and minority ethnic communities. And white professionals' oversensitivity to political correctness and fear of appearing racist may well have contributed to justice being stalled."

Yes, in the multicultural paradise of Britain crime prosecution has to be first and foremost "community sensitive" with effectiveness a very distant second. It also helps create a lot of jobs for ethnic Pakistanis, who might otherwise be tempted to participate in the Islamic jihadist community.

But back to the Guardian headline: "Muslim community must address issue of street grooming, says Nazir Afzal." The problem here, of course, is that the Muslim community already has been "addressing" the issue of street grooming, and on a pretty regular basis going by the statistics from Rotherham, where the Muslim community appear to have "addressed the issue" at least 1400 times (assuming that each victim was only "addressed" once – an obvious absurdity), not to mention other cities where this community is currently "addressing" the same issue with an equal thoroughness.

Some Pakistani schoolgirls not currently
being groomed and raped by English men
In addition to making the occasional community sensitive prosecution, Afzal's big idea is to create a new community – the Muslim grooming community if you like – and then slowly distance it from the main Muslim community. According to Afzal, Muslims should be "good neighbours" and call the police if they spot young girls with much older men in order to prevent sexual exploitation. "Don’t walk by," says Afzal, "We've got to do something about this now, otherwise we won't be in a position to hold our heads up." Lovely stuff! You might think they almost care – especially if you’re a Guardian reader.

The community we are talking about here is based on the teachings of Mohammed, an actual rapist and paedophile. It comes from a South Asian peasant and hill-tribe culture, which rigorously segregates its own men and women, while condoning male sexual predatory behaviour outside the in-group. This has then been dumped by globalism in the post-industrial, Post-Christian moral wasteland of Northern Europe with obvious and entirely foreseeable results.

What is happening is not happening by accident. It is not just some casual errant behaviour by a few "bad apples" that can be dealt with by a good talking to. There is a powerful causal mechanism at work. So, the naive notion that Muslims can somehow be separated into grooming and non-grooming varieties, and that the Muslim grooming community will then magically disappear is tragically naive.
If that's the plan then we might be in for a lengthy wait, one that will be passed with countless more cases of child rape.
Say what you like about this Muslim grooming community, but, unlike a lot of other communities, where "community" is just a catch-all word to describe a nebulous group of people who smell vaguely the same, the Muslim grooming community is an actual community, a tightly-knit group with real cohesion, teamwork, and organization, as well as shared interests and values. They are not going to disappear because some fast-tracked Uncle Tom Muzzie with a well-paid job is telling them to be good neighbours to the kufar.

The real problem with England’s Muslim child rape endemic is that not enough communities have "addressed the issue." After all we have yet to hear from England's hitherto dormant lynching and mass deportation communities.

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