Tuesday, 4 November 2014


I want to take you back. Back to a time of peace and love. Beautiful girls danced around wearing nothing but crowns made of flowers. Men had given up war and sat around playing music. Everyone shared their pot in order to come to greater understanding. And most importantly love was free and casually handed out in the name of enjoying sex without the oppressive institute of marriage.

Yes marriage. That evil arrangement of the patriarchy which had long held women in the tyrannical clutches of their male overlords. Feminist, hippies, reformers; the whole spectrum of Leftism had come together and pushed aside that long-lived prison for the fairer sex in the name of Progress.
But the march of Progress is never ending. With women liberated, it is now time to liberate gays. To do so we must agitate for them to enter the evil, oppressive, patriarchal institution of marri…

WTF?! How can it have been oppressive for so many for so long, and now is liberating for others? That doesn’t make any sense. There must be some reason why Leftists want to push gays into the oppressive institution they fought against for so long?

There is only one explanation for this contradiction: Leftist want to oppress gays. Especially Leftist women, who are the biggest supporters of it.

This makes sense with the whole Hell have no fury like a ho scorned thing. Gays are the only fashionable, successful, good-looking men women can’t sexually manipulate to gold dig. So of course they want to punish them. And what better way than what they once considered their worst punishment.

Gay marriage: not so gay.
When married, gays would be forced into the monogamy that is expected in a marriage; denying them the freedom of Free Love. The same monogamy that hippies once decried and same the Free Love they once advocated for women. Apparently, if women can’t have these men freely then other men can’t either.

It’s also a cliché that there’s a “bitch” and a “butch” in every gay couple, and marriage would most oppress the “bitch.” Just like women of yore were under the thumb of the man, the bitch will be under that of the butch. As marriage is patriarchal, the more manly of the couple (the butch) will rule the bitch with tyranny. We once freed women from such barbarity, so it is an outrage to submit bitches to it.

If marriage oppressed women, it logically oppresses gays too. Say no to gay oppression. Say no to gay marriage.

From Smoking While Rome Burns

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