Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Andy Nowicki's 2012 novel Heart Killer, published by ER Books in electronic format, is now also available in paperback form, courtesy of Hopeless Books.

Success has come at a steep price for Frances Lazarus, the lovely and brilliant wunderkind of the FBI’s criminal profiling unit. Brains, guts, and ambition have propelled Frances to the top of her field; her tireless drive to catch dangerous criminals has won her widespread notoriety and acclaim.
 But Frances is haunted by a shameful secret: she finds herself drawn to the same very bad men — rapists, sadistic abusers, serial killers — whom she helps to track down and bring to justice. Evil, for her, is a turn-on.
 Johann Salvadorus has transformed himself from a nerdy romantic loser into a highly successful pickup artist. Plying his self-taught seductive skills with ruthless spite, this avenging geek has waged a pitiless campaign of carnal terror far and wide, bedding and ravishing the same beauties who once cruelly rejected him in his youth, leaving these unsuspecting victims spent, splayed, and humiliated. Yet part of this ferociously malicious heart-killer still yearns for the innocence he left behind in his tender years.
 And now, although she’s so far been able to keep her secret desires under wraps, Frances now finds herself romantically smitten by Salvadorus, even though he could be responsible for the deaths of several beautiful girls. 
 When the determined investigator and the alluring youth lock horns, the resultant fireworks of passion will prove to have lethal consequences...

Hear Mrs. Nowicki read an excerpt from the novel as Frances.
Hear Mr. Nowicki read an excerpt from the novel as Johann.   
(read excerpt here)

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