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Ferguson riot control.

As demonstrated by the riots across America, Blacks can’t handle the truth, the truth being that some cop shot some thug in order to save his life. When the shooting happened there were riots, and now that the decision has been made to clear the police officer there are yet more riots. Looks like any excuse to torch a looted liquor store.

Sensitive Whites talk about the "tragedy" and send their reporters into danger to show empathy with the rioters; while some even suggest that Darren Wilson, regardless of his innocence, should have been offered up as a sacrifice for the greater good.

Insensitive Whites, of course, talk about "chimp outs" and post amusing memes and pictures on the internet like the above illustration of a police helicopter delivering a giant box of fried chicken to quell the rioters. I myself tend to side with the more insensitive Whites because a good laugh is always more appealing than a hand-wringing session and the meaningless platitude that we're "all human."

A bit of riot porn. Enjoy!
But looking down on Blacks for their chimp out behaviour has its limitations. Firstly, mass chimping out has its good points. It is not as entirely contemptible as some imagine. It is after all a collective act that is relatively void of selfish motives – a faint echo of all those strirring and orderly Jewish-organized sit-ins and bus boycotts of the 1960s – although some of the chimps will of course pick up some free booze or a TV set along the way.

Then there is the aesthetic appeal of a tiny bit of American 'consumerama' going up in flames. But, best of all, mass chimping out is an act of racial solidarity – no, don't laugh – and may even have a spiritual dimension. Yes, there might even be a beatific light in the eyes of some of those chimpers.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, from a White point of view, it is completely unjustified, as no one is actually oppressing these "damn dirty apes." I mean beanbags instead of bullets! What gives?

Also their enclosure at the zoo is entirely open plan and they are even fed regularly and given medical care when needed. But they feeeeel oppressed, and feelings are increasingly thoughts and objective truth for most people.

Oppression, LOL.
This feeling of oppression is of course not generated by actual oppression – more's the pity as much of the civilization that mankind has accrued over the millennia is the result of various forms of oppression.

No, the Black feeling of oppression is merely the effect of the racial asymmetry created by early virgin America’s shameless, indiscriminate lust for labour and its access to the Atlantic sea lanes. Along with the poor, hard-working migrants from Europe and the poor hard-worked slaves from Africa, America also unknowingly imported into itself the wasteland of the Sahara Desert, which served to keep these strains apart. We should never be surprised, therefore, when occasionally that wasteland asserts itself.

But never mind the facts or non-facts of oppression, just look at all that lovely, blinkered, my-race-right-or-wrong race consciousness and solidarity! Whites would be in a much healthier position if we could ape those apes.

My main problem, however, with the censorious sneering of the anti-chimper peanut gallery, of which I am myself a part, is that it implies that there are universal standards of behaviour that in theory we should expect Blacks and Whites to conform to, and around which we can all unite.

This is essentially just the White view of the racial asymmetry that Blacks see from their side as "oppression," "injustice," and "dindu nuffin" – and is yet another expression of corrupt, inorganic, atomistic, and ultimately dehumanizing Western liberal totalitarianism.

It's funny because it implies we're all the same.
Blacks are never going to unite with Whites around standards that will always leave them in an inferior position, something that both Libtards and Contards will have to wrap their brains around one day.

Underlying a lot of the acidic humour being generated by this event and the /pol/ 4chan mentality that flourishes on the internet is the belief – and even the hope – that Blacks and Whites are not that different. Even some of the cruelest humour feeds off this assumption, otherwise it simply wouldn't be funny. After all chimps behaving like chimps or pigs like pigs is not nearly as funny as when humans do it. Underneath all the humour from insensitive Whites is a hidden appeal to stop 'being Black' and start 'being White. This just reveals, yet again, the hollowness of White identity with its naive notion that non-Whites, even Sub-Saharan non-Whites, can just stroll in and feel at home.

Blacks think a lot less like this, and this is why they are angry. For all their Black-on-Black violence, low-riders, and "baby daddies" the rest of the time, this ape-like anger over a shooting of one of their number shows more healthy group solidarity than Whites have had for a long time; something that makes these apes ironically more human than the atomized White man with his post-modern sense of humour and invite-the-world identity.

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