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The BBC have developed quite a nice line in ever-so-reasonable explanations for the unacceptable, ineffable, and unspeakable.

I guess this is something they developed during WWII and the Cold War, as part of their role as cheerleaders and/or wardens of the coming apocalypse that the West was forced to ready itself for, in order to stand up to the recurring threats of Eurasian totalitarianism.

Something of this flavour can be gleamed from this Mitchell & Webb sketch about television entertainment in a post-apocalyptic Britain:

You also see exactly the same "stay calm" and "don't panic" sensibility deployed on a daily basis to downplay the evils and excesses of modern multicultural Britain, as in this interview with a former 14-year-old victim of Islamic pedophile rape.

Yes, the girl was a 14-year-old rape victim, but everything else in the video – from the spacious house and soft focus shots to the quietly concerned (but not enraged) face of the interviewer and the confident and apparently undamaged demeanour of the "victim" – works towards the normalization of what in any other country and century could only be expunged by a blood-thirsty mob and a lot of pain.

Showing just where its priorities lie, the same sensibility is evident in this BBC video-article looking at the "rape" of penguins by fur seals in Antartica. Just look at this quote:
"The sexual behaviour of the fur seals hasn't come as a complete shock to the scientists that recorded it. In 2006, they saw, for the first time, a fur seal attempting to copulate with a king penguin, on Marion Island, a sub-Antarctic island that is home to both species. They published details of that incident, and speculated that the sex act at the time may have been the behavior of a frustrated, sexually inexperienced seal. Or an aggressive, predatory act. Or a playful one that turned sexual."
Yes, a perfectly calm, 'rational,' and non-judgmental explanation for this aberrant behaviour between South Atlantic fur seals and penguins that echoes the Corporation's attitudes to mass Islamic gang rape of children!  This is the scientific version of nothing to see here, move along. But what happens if we replace a few terms?
"The sexual behaviour of the MUSLIM GANGS hasn't come as a complete shock to the SOCIAL WORKERS that recorded it. In 2006, they saw, for the first time, a MUSLIM GANG attempting to copulate with an UNDERAGE ENGLISH GIRL, in a NORTHERN ENGLISH TOWN that is home to both ETHNIC GROUPS. They HUSHED UP details of that incident, and speculated that the sex act at the time may have been the behavior of frustrated, sexually inexperienced MUSLIMS. Or an aggressive, predatory act. Or a playful one that turned sexual."

How well that fits with the attitude of the establishment. We can almost find its direct corollary in this actual report from last year of a Muslim rapist let off for the most tenuous of reasons:
"An 18-year-old man in the U.K. who raped a 13-year-old girl was spared a prison sentence by Nottingham Crown Court after he claimed that his Muslim upbringing did not teach him to respect women. 'Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters,' Judge Michael Stokes said when handing Adil Rashid a suspended sentence. Rashid claimed in his defense that he met his 13-year-old victim through Facebook and the two exchanged messages for two months, before they met up in Nottingham. The teen admitted to having sex with the girl, but said that he was not aware that the activity was illegal and constituted rape, because he was raised with a Muslim education and was not aware of the law."
As far as the BBC and others in the mainstream media are concerned, rape, whether of English girls or merely penguins in the South Atlantic, is just another part of the rich tapestry of life, something for value-neutral judgments, open-ended commentary, or simple equivocation:
"Perhaps it is a release of sexual frustration, given the hormonal surges during seal breeding season. It is very unlikely to be failed mate recognition – i.e. the misidentification of the penguin as a female seal. All in all it's difficult to say really,' he admits."
Ah,  yes, "hormonal surges" – good, old, nice and normal "hormonal surges" – put that in the weather forecast: a storm front of racially and culturally non-specified "hormonal surges" will be sweeping across the North of England causing degradation, fear, intense self-loathing, and drug addiction in parts of the schoolgirl population! Meanwhile the passive penguin population is supposed to amble helplessly around and look on.

Thanks to decades of high quality nature programs and its preparation for handling Armageddon, the rape of a few seals and the rape of tens of thousands of English children can both be spun the same way, as simply a little misdirected attention or a quirk of nature. How reassuring! "Nothing to see here. Now move along, and try not to vote UKIP too much."

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