Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Our recent call for donations was well received and rewarded. Readers in America and Scandinavia kindly donated money, including one impressive contribution from a supporter in New York City.

We express our utmost thanks to these donors and all former donors for this show of support for the important work we do at Alternative Right.

This money, along with former donations, has given us enough of a pot to start paying our writers (although not our editors who continue to work purely for glory). With so much of the media controlled by our enemies and so many financial rewards available to those who support the establishment line, it is vital to build an alternative media that not only dispenses good “heretical” content, but also rewards those who work hard to produce it.

So, starting from this month, we intend to pay all writers contributing articles not published elsewhere, at the initial rate of one cent a word (OK, slightly derisory for the works of genius that we hope to elicit, but it's a start). This would mean that an article with a word count of 1,000 words would pay $10:00. Payment will however be dependent on payees having a Paypal account.

If you think you have something suitable for Alternative Right, you can contact through our email address: newalternativeright(at)gmail.com

As things progress, we may find other ways to pay writers, and, hopefully, we will also be able to gradually increase the rate at which we pay them. Those who wish to make further donations, please use our Paypal link, which you can find here or at the top of the side bar on our site.

Also, we have started to run an Alternative Right Twitter account in order to help get the message out, so some of you may wish to follow us there.

Andy Nowicki & Colin Liddell
Co-Editors Alternative Right

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