Readers of this site will remember the "big internet war" that Alternative Right (and our allies Counter-Currents) had with the Daily Stormer over its criticism of RamZPaul and its support for the write-in candidate for the Kentucky Senate race, Robert "with Jews we lose" Ransdell. 

You may also remember my point: that ghettoizing White nationalism by associating it with everything "lampshady" – whether imagery or real – was a pointless, no-win strategy and one designed by its supporters, such as Andrew Anglin, to keep healthy White nationalism confined to a diseased and rat-infested ghetto, where it would continue to wither and die; unlike Europe where it is thriving.

This was my whole and only point.

I had, and still have, no wish to personally attack Anglin or the Stormer site per se, as there is already plenty of material out there for anyone who does. The sad truth for Anglin is that the Daily Stormer is a joke site, an intellectual one-string banjo, and while it is easy to mock Anglin, he is too boring to critique. 

Nevertheless the reason our paths crossed was because I thought, and still think, that it is important to stress that White nationalists – even American White nationalists (admittedly a special case) – should always focus on the effectiveness of any approach that they take, and that Ransdell was simply barking up the wrong tree and wasting people's time and money in the process. 

Of course, arguments on the internet – a realm of fantasy, where isolated and impotent individuals can cosset themselves in unreality – can go on endlessly, so it's nice every once in a while to check in on good old-fashioned reality, which is exactly what the Ransdell result allows us to do. 

So, how well exactly did Ransdell do with his winning "With Jews You Lose" argument and massive support from the highly influential Daily Stormer site? According to this recent and ever-so-reliable poll published on Anglin's site, he was heading for a landslide.

So, once again, how well did he do? Surely Mitch McConnell must have packed his bags by now? Surely Ransdell must be making his heroic victory speech and thanking Anglin with tears of gratitude in his eyes, while in the shadows the globalists and Jews quiver and shake.

Even if he didn't win, no doubt due to a uniformly hostile media, he must – at the very, very least – surely have scored a significant percentage of the vote, say 10%, making his campaign a major propaganda victory and a precursor of ultimate victory. So, once again, how well did he do?

Gangway! Tumbleweed coming through...

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