Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Andy and Colin were recently interviewed by Henrik Palmgren, the host and Editor-in-Chief of Red Ice Radio, a major independent radio program and news website based in Sweden with an uncompromising mission to get at the truth. 

As they say in their mission statement: 
"We seek truth and accuracy in the topics we cover. We discuss history, geopolitics, subversive movements, human nature, conspiracies, hidden agendas and sinister political ideologies. We expose the plans designed to make us malleable and easier to control. We analyze the enforcement of the 'religion' of our times: pathological political correctness, cultural marxism and multiculturalism. We also cover health issues, out of control government, the application of technology and psuedo science on society, psychological conditioning, propaganda and manipulation. We also analyze the failures of the New Age and Abrahamic religions as opposed to the native heritage, culture and traditions of Europeans and other people."
You can listen to the first hour of the show here.

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