It’s an interesting coincidence that the New Alternative Right shares the same birthday as the Bright and Morning Star, the Alpha and Omega, the Ancient of Days, the Prophet of Nazareth, the Eternal Judge of the Quick and the Dead, and the Light of the World – all epithets of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of Mankind for the World’s Christians.

We can’t quite claim to be all those things...yet, but in the first year of our operation, we like to think that we have at least cast a few opinions on both the "quick and the dead" and spread a glimmer of light to our many readers across the globe.

In that year we have published well over 400 articles and put out around 20 podcasts that provide a necessary critique for much that is wrong with the world – although sometimes we have also been unable to resist a few cheap shots. The ideology that we support, and which includes diverse elements, can best be summed up as iconoclastic common sense in touch with nature, reality, and mankind’s inherent need for a higher purpose and a greater narrative.

Our viewpoint is a humanistic one that sees Man as a creature uniquely shaped by the purposes of the Universe to be conscious, aware, and able to act on his visions and choices, rather than merely being a slave to appetite, economic forces, the dictates of the herd, and the whims of his self-appointed masters.

In short, we view Man as a subject acting on and shaping the world around him, rather than being a mere object, acted on and controlled by the forces around him, which is the essence of leftism, modernity, and the unsustainable world of greed, materialism, and pointless activity that they have spawned. This is our vision – the only one capable of restoring Mankind to his primordial position of subjectivity within the greater objectivity of the Universe. The choice, in essence, is between Man as Man and Man as Beast. The Left and so much of the modern world clearly prefers the Beast.

In order to pursue this vision, we will often have to leave the smooth path prepared by the chatteled feet of millions, and instead range through the untrodden wilderness, going against the powerful, blind forces of mob and Mammon that seek to corral and coerce us and submerge us in their slavery. But, both as free-spirited men and as a band of individuals bound together by shared and sacred truths, we take strength from our convictions for the journey ahead.

With such thoughts in mind, we extend our heartfelt thanks at this special season of the year to our many loyal readers, our generous donors, and our inspired contributors.

Those wishing to donate, please do so through the Paypal donation button at the top of the sidebar. Those wishing to contribute, please email us with your articles and ideas at newalternativeright(at)gmail.com.

Wishing you all the best in the year ahead,

Andy & Colin

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