Monday, 29 December 2014


2014 was the year of the non-story posing as the real story and the real story posing as the non-story. While America's SJW-driven media pushed hollow narratives of police brutality against "dindu nuffins" and "rape culture," the Ukraine saw a proxy war breaking out between Russia and America, with both parties claiming they too "dindu nuffin." Andy and Colin are joined by fellow "gentle giants" Richard Spencer of Radix Journal and NPI and Michael Enoch of the The Right Stuff and the Daily Shoah to unpick the year and possibly "turn their lives around."

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Running order
  • 0.00.00   Intro music
  • 0.00.30   Andy's intro
  • 0.03.07   The Neo-Cold War and US foreign policy
  • 0.35:04   Ferguson and Year of the Dindu 
  • 0.40:24   Idris "Ebola" as Bond and Black Cultural Welfarism
  • 0.55:29   Fake rape and why SJWs pick the worst "victims"
  • 1:03:54   New social media media vs. the old gatekeeper media
  • 1.13.54   Predictions for 2015
  • 1.25.30   Outro music


Predictions for the Year Ahead

  • Richard Spencer: Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney will emerge as the candidates for the next presidential election, which will come to be called "Your Grandparents Election."
  • Colin Liddell: Labour will win the 2015 UK Parliamentary election, getting a narrow majority with under 33% of the votes cast.
  • Michael Enoch: ISIS will collapse.
  • Andy Nowicki: Seattle Seahawks will repeat as Superbowl champions.

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