Wednesday, 10 December 2014


The most important nationalist party to emerge from the wreckage of the BNP is probably the British Democratic Party, which was founded two years ago. This video from their recent AGM, features speeches by the party’s President Andrew Brons and some other members. Brons talks about the results of the party’s efforts to build pockets of support while maintaining a low profile.

Well worth watching is Jim Lewthwaite’s excellent speech (from 7:00). He discourses on how the rise of UKIP has helped to legitimize nationalist agendas that it cannot fulfill, and how the BDP can capitalize on this.

An important concept mentioned by Lewthwaite is recapturing the word “internationalist” from the Left by correctly defining it as a dialogue between nationalists from different countries, rather than the anti-nationalism or supra-nationalism that it mistakenly connotes today.

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