Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Man Haron Monis, exhibiting the early signs of insanity.

The premise of the satirical movie Idiocracy was that modernity, by making the world safe for idiots, would create a dysgenic system leading to a world of morons. We are obviously well on the way.

With various fail-safe systems and procedures now in place, we see the effects of this all around us. Any idiot can get in a car and drive any way he wants and the airbag will save him, and if that doesn’t the paramedics will. These idiots are no longer going to die. They will have to be killed or at least neutered.

As a frequent flier, I’m not totally against the fail-safe world. After all, it would be a pity if the idiocy of the occasional pilot was paid for by the lives of hundreds of passengers. Plane crashes only happen nowadays when a number of extremely improbable events coincide, building up a chain of almost statistically impossible causes.

But the fail-safe world has its drawbacks too. It creates a world where a fuck-up in one area does not necessarily have consequences because other safeguards kick in. In a flight, a pilot can make a major error and it will in all likelihood be corrected by the air traffic controller, the co-pilot, or some automatic warning system.

But take this outside the cockpit of an aeroplane and things become a lot looser and more entropic. In the wider society, mistakes are allowed because one mistake on its own seldom creates a disaster, and as other mistakes occur there is always the hope that eventually something will go right and disaster will be derailed. The consequences of each mistake are diffused and lost in the complexity, or else they are hidden for cosmetic reasons because they don’t fit the official narrative.

This is exactly how we should view the recent incident in Sydney, where a madman was allowed to take 17 people hostage and kill two of them before police took him out. This was not just a simple incident that flared up out of the blue, but rather the result of several consecutive things going wrong one after another, with nobody being too worried about any of them until hostages ended up dead.

The first mistake was probably the biggest. This was the idea that Islam is just another cute religion, just one more colour in the rich palette from which we can paint the rainbow paradise of multiculturalism.

Idiocracy in action: Selfies outside the scene of the siege.
There might be a plausible rationale behind a big, relatively empty country like Australia seeking population growth to assist economic growth – even if it is ultimately genocidal and destructive of a particularly fragile environment – but where do Muslims fit into this?

If you must have non-White immigrants, there are much better places to seek them in Asia than from the adherents of the paedophiliac death cult of a 6th-century psychopath and mass murderer.

Mistake number two: even assuming you think most Muslims are fine, you can still be picky and make sure you only let the best ones in, those with skills who apply through the normal, tortuous immigration channels, and can be rigorously vetted. Not the loony fringe ones. Here again Australia fucked up. Man Haron Monis, the hostage taker and killer at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe Siege was too extreme even for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

What made the idiots who decided to grant him asylum think that he would fit harmlessly into Australian society? This is the immigration equivalent of a paralytic drunk staggering out of a bar to drive home. Sure he’s going to crash but don’t worry there’s an airbag and if he hits anyone, the paramedics can probably deal with it.

In Monis’s case, the airbag would be the hospitality of the locals, the social services, and finally the judicial system. That should stop any terrorism, right?

Accordingly he was fitted up with a nice, compliant wife, but it seems she wasn’t compliant enough and so she ended up stabbed to death and set on fire. Unbelievably, Monis was on bail for being an accessory to her murder as well as for a string of other violent and sexual offences when he went on his final hostage-taking-and-killing spree.

This pathetic leniency was the third major mistake, but what makes it even worse is the fourth major mistake.

At some point he was arrested and apparently had a hard time in jail (details are still a bit fuzzy). Nothing wrong with giving scum like Monis a hard time, but once you do, you have to realize you’ve crossed a certain line and the only thing to do after that is either bang them up for good or kick them out of the country. Instead the Australian authorities released him, practically pointing this disturbed individual in the direction of the Lindt Chocolate Cafe.

Monis an easy target for police snipers?
But even at this late stage, when Monis had decided to align himself with ISIS in an attempt to terrorize the country that had foolishly given him asylum, there were still safeguards that could be employed. The siege lasted 17 hours, during which time Monis was photographed by the media several times. Getting a good shot with a telescopic sight is easier than getting a good shot with a camera. During those 17 hours it is almost certain that Australian special forces could have taken him down. They must have been under strict orders not to do so – the fifth mistake.

Put all these mistakes together and you have a mentally defective Iranian with no business being anywhere except in an Iranian gulag, acting as an accessory or worse in his wife's murder, committing numerous other crimes, and finally killing two innocent people and attempting to kill more. The tragedy of any idiocracy is that it is seldom the idiots responsible for the stupidity who end up paying the price, but instead innocent bystanders who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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