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Black people are not actually very good at this sort of thing.

There’s no point in trying to deny that many within the alternative right and white nationalist movements aren’t especially fond of black people. The implications of low average black IQ, the incessant grievance mongering of professional black leaders, as well as rowdy and violent black misbehavior are recurring themes when discussing the black question. Aside from the most extreme of white nationalists, you won’t see anyone calling for the extermination or ethnic cleansing of black people. Nevertheless, the general sentiment is that black people are at best an unwelcome presence and thorn in the side, and at worst a hostile population that poses a great danger to white people. Prominent white nationalist Jared Taylor has spent much of his career documenting the annoyances and even violence that blacks inflict on whites, which has culminated in his recent book Face to Face With Race. (See Matt Forney’s review).

Personally, I think that the alternative right is both right and wrong with regards to their criticisms of blacks. I don’t deny that there are significant problems with black culture and the black community, nor is it my intention to come across as some bleeding heart liberal pontificating about the evils of prejudice. I’ll even admit that there was a time when I harbored a strong disdain for black people and black culture. Having had bad experiences with black people in middle school, and to a smaller extent high school, I came away with the impression that blacks are an easily angered, obnoxious group of people who will start confrontations or fights at the drop of a hat.

I remember waiting in line for Burger King at the mall during my sophmore year in high school when out of the blue some aggressive sounding black guy yelled at me, “what chu lookin’ at?!” When I responded in a shocked and flustered fashion, he then immediately laughed and said he was just fucking with me. I’ve had similar experiences elsewhere.

This they can handle.
I likewise heard various stories from my mom and others about their experiences being accosted by black people. Needless to say, I did not emerge from my adolescence holding blacks in high esteem. During my younger and more volatile days commenting on blogs, I even made some harsh and unflattering statements about blacks that I’ve since renounced.

I do not deny that many black people can be irritating. I likewise am not downplaying the violent crimes that certain blacks randomly perpetrate against whites, which are not to be taken lightly. I also fully acknowledge that compared to my younger days when I lived in the East Bay, I currently live in a part of the Bay Area mostly devoid of black people. Perhaps if I lived in Oakland and had to deal with obnoxious ghetto blacks on a consistent basis, I would be singing a tune similar to Matt Forney and the various whites featured in Jared Taylor’s book.

With that being said, where I disagree with the alternative right regards the amount of weight they assign to the black question. Yes, black violence is problematic. Yes, black activists and professional complainers can be quite irritating. Yes, black people can at times be quite a nuisance, as demonstrated by the #blackbrunchnyc disturbances. However, black people are mostly just that: a nuisance. Ultimately, black radicals and critical race theorists are correct when they insist that blacks don’t actually wield any real power. Aside from certain urban enclaves such as Detroit, blacks do not possess the capacity to truly threaten white America.

After buying a new "waifu" Soros had plenty
of money left over to stir up trouble.
To the extent that blacks menace or bother white people beyond violent street encounters, they can only do so when they are being aided and abetted by our depraved elites. Upset white brunchgoers and annoyed observers should focus their anger on wealthy oligarchs such as George Soros, whose funding of the Ferguson protests emboldens black activists to engage in irritating behavior such as #blackbrunchnyc.

On a more cultural level, if one is upset by the prevalence of rap music that promotes classless ghetto behavior, then blame white media moguls, Jewish and gentile alike. They are the ones who glamorize the ghetto lifestyle for the white masses through their influence over television and Hollywood. The suburban white and other non-black kids that I’ve observed saying “nigga” did not learn such behavior from their numerous, mostly nonexistent black friends.

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that I believe the alternative right should embrace black people and treat them as brothers. As visible racial minorities with a significant amount of historical baggage as it pertains to their relations with whites, the overwhelming majority of blacks will never endorse a movement that promotes white identity and seeks to preserve white demographic superiority. Trying to pander to blacks in any way would be a complete waste of time.

Rather, the alternative right should direct most of its attention and energy towards the white liberal elites who enable black petulance. Scratch any negative national trend and you will find a rotten white elite. As obnoxious and abrasive as DeQuan the foul-mouthed hood rat with sagging pants can be, he is child’s play compared to the likes of George Soros. As long as one avoids violent ghetto blacks or black people with an obvious axe to grind against whites, then black people by and large are harmless.

By no means should we disregard black misbehavior towards whites, but just remember that there are far bigger fish to fry.

Originally published at Occidenta Invicta

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