“Andy Nowicki is a master at using beautifully crafted prose to illuminate the ugly, the painful and the agonized.” –James LaFond
For months on end, Collette Anders has been nocturnally visited by a mysteriously alluring, deeply passionate dream lover. Collette, a beautiful high school senior, has a desperate crush on her dashing, charismatic history teacher Mark Wills; convinced that only “Mr. Wills” could possibly be the masterful mystery man bringing her nightly slumberous delight, this Savannah belle seeks official confirmation of her near-certain hunch and real life consummation of her feverish desires.

But as our Collette gets up the nerve to approach her outwardly poised but secretly troubled instructor, her brooding and neglected classmate Pierce Westlover looks on from the shadows, his delicate soul throbbing helplessly between life and death…

"Collette's Dream Man," a novella by Andy Nowicki  originally published as a part of the 2014 anthology This Malignant Mirage – is now also available as an individual purchase for a super-low price at Amazon.com, both in paperback and on Kindle.

Hear the author read an excerpt from the story here: 

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