Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Bono approved.

No less a moral authority than Bono has just assured the world that it's perfectly okay for Black South Africans to sing the murderous anthem Kill the Boer.

It would appear that Jacob Zuma, the current leader of the gloriously paradisiacal Rainbow Nation, enthusiastically concurs, as can be seen from this presidential appearance in late 2012 (above), in which the smiley-faced, chipmunk  cheeked, polygamous Zulu patriarch leads his countrymen in a full-throated song and festive dance, all based on the cheery premise of gunning down as many white people as possible. 

Just a few sample lyrics for your delectation of the touching little number that wins Bono's approval and esteem:

"We are going to shoot them with a machine gun
They are going to run.
Kill the Boer (white man)! Kill the farmer!"

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