The latest article over at Radix is a piece written by the passionate, brilliant Roman Bernard, a man whom I admire deeply. In it, he gives his impressions of the reaction – or rather, overreaction – of the western public and identitarian movement(s) in the wake of the terrorist attack upon the offices and employees of a left-wing French satirical magazine.

I can't say that I disagree entirely with his article. It is a mistake common (but not exclusive) to the western people to react in a manner that is perhaps disproportionate to attacks made upon them in a certain manner.

While we will happily tolerate in oblivious silence decades of slow-drip Cultural Marxism – an insidious social mechanism disseminated by the universities and the media & entertainment complexes that is as much an attack on our people as any bomb or mass shooting – we seem zealously willing and able to consider the previously unthinkable in the wake of a public attack upon one of our cultural institutions.

The time of the Cronulla Riots.
A good example of this was the inaptly named "Cronulla Riots" in the southern suburbs of my native city of Sydney. Locals had endured years of Muslim gangs from the western suburbs coming into the area, beating up locals and harassing young Australian women, but after a group of young volunteer lifeguards were attacked and beaten on Cronulla beach one summer weekend, the gloves suddenly came off. Via mass text messages, the Muslim gangs were "invited" to attend Cronulla the following weekend, where they would be warmly welcomed. Attendance by Muslims was virtually non-existent, and for those few foolhardy types who ventured to the seashore, their incautious action was not without unpleasant repercussions. The liberal media went hysterical, but Muslims learned to behave themselves in Cronulla, and that was that.

It was portrayed as an overreaction, but really, it was a late-coming, entirely reasonable reaction to a perceived common threat. Now, if calmer heads had prevailed and nothing whatever was done, the Muslim gangs would have decided that these Australians were doormats eager for more, and they would have supplied it to our detriment.

For all his (I'm certain) good intentions, this inaction seems to be what Roman is advising in this case. I do not agree with him, and this is why.

This morning, before the second Muslim attack which we are now learning was upon a French policewoman and a Paris city employee, I ran into an old friend of mine, a particularly bright young Japanese woman who was married to an Anglo-Australian.

Literary industry types, I knew they were both on the far left of the ideological spectrum. Much to my surprise, however, after just a few minutes of conversation, I was shocked to learn that this friend of mine who was until that day a staunch advocate of multiculturalism, was now expressing deep concern and even cautious rejection of the multicultural experiment.

I cannot emphasize enough what a polar shift this was for this couple. By carefully testing her thoughts via Socratic questioning, I led her to a turn in the conversation where I could start to – for the first time ever – begin to introduce some identitarian and "far-right" thought into her consciousness.

Perhaps I got a little overzealous, but at the end of the day, she went away with a piece of paper covered in urls for relevant websites (including this one, naturally) and the firm intention of buying copies of several books that I had recommended. To cement her conversion, I have set up a coffee date between myself, her and her husband for later this month, at which time I'll hit them with my inventory of Evola.

This would never have occurred had the Paris attack not taken place, and if I'd decided to remain quiet and "ride the tiger" in the purest sense. I could have resigned myself from the outset to the fact that Yukari is a leftist, she will always be a leftist, and that nothing I could do or say would change that.

I'm not advocating overreaction. Nobody should storm anything or attack anyone or blow anything up. Why? Because it would be totally counterproductive. It would give the Muslim "victims" and their allies in the slobbering, slavishly cowering western media an opening to push the White racist aggressor narrative.

But we must REACT! As in an ancient battle, when an army senses the hesitation and uncertainty of their adversaries, we must press home the advantage. And we must push HARD.

There is no overstepping when it comes to an intellectual surge. It is precisely this manner of suggesting the previously indigestible at the right moment that has allowed the leftist intelligentsia to shift the Overton window so far in their favour. So call for repatriation loudly. Attack the neocon enablers who have convinced us that multiculturalism is a pillar of western society when it's something no western country ever voted for. Question equality and egalitarianism everywhere, and, if it feels right, even call for a restoration of monarchies – especially in France, where the cultural vacuum is such that any hard drive would gain at least some traction.

Forget riding the tiger for a short time. This is the time to gain some lost ground. We need to surf the storm of western outrage, and start channeling it in productive directions.

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