Wednesday, 7 January 2015


In 1914, at the start of WWI the British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, famously remarked "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time."

Recently, in Germany there has also been some lamp dimming, and for a reason just as significant as 1914, if not more so. The cathedral authorities in the German city of Cologne decided to put out the lights of the famous cathedral in order to show their displeasure at the well-behaved anti-Islamic supporters of Pegida. Other prominent landmarks, including bridges over the Rhine and the Brandenburg Gate, also joined in.

As with other members of the German establishment, they were doing their best to make the participants of this grass roots movement feel like isolated "haters" and "extremists," rather than the silent majority that they actually are, simply because they chose to politely express fears for the European identity that their leaders have been undermining for the last fifty years.
“In Cologne, the authorities switched off the lights of the city's cathedral as a way of warning Pegida supporters they were supporting "extremists."

"We don't think of it as a protest, but we would like to make the many conservative Christians [who support Pegida] think about what they are doing," the dean of the cathedral, Norbert Feldhoff, told the BBC.”
This will show those haters how wrong they are about Islam.
Well, that was before today, when Islamic terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs and, according to some reports, a rocket launcher, attacked in broad daylight the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, merely because it had published a few cartoons mocking a sixth century cutthroat, rapist, and pedophile that many people mistakenly revere. Even though the magazine was under police guard – it has been repeatedly threatened – twelve people were killed and many others wounded, before the attackers escaped into the city. Paris was essentially treated as if it were no more than a Middle Eastern hellhole overrun by ISIS – it’s ultimate fate if Islamization is allowed to continue.

Due to this outrage, millions of Europeans are now feeling exactly what the supporters of Pegida have been feeling, namely a strong sense of unease about having significant and growing numbers of Muslims in their midst. Meanwhile their governments are in the position of Cologne Cathedral, fumbling for the light switch. Predictably, they will go into maximum damage control mode, and look for the earliest opportunity to insert their usual lies into the narrative about the attackers being "unrepresentative of the vast majority of peaceful Muslims" and other straw man arguments.

Our idiot politicians.
But they are now caught in a loop of diminishing returns. Turning off lights is not going to work. In the dark, people light torches of fire, and each light turned off merely serves as a reminder that Europe is now entering its period of existential struggle that will lead either to its death spiral or its glorious awakening.

When Sir Edward Grey made his famous remark, just over a hundred years ago, Europe was descending into a war that, in its horrors, was yet a testament to the power, discipline, endurance, and warrior spirit of Europeans. But despite its magnitude, it was still a "mere" civil war between Europeans, and one that only Europeans could win.

The struggle that multiculturalism has unleashed upon us is far worse, as the stakes are much higher: the fate of Europe and its incomparable civilization hangs in the balance. 

The lights are going out, but let us make sure that it is the phosphorescent glow of multiculturalism and the baleful glimmer of Islamism that is snuffed out, and that when the lamps are finally relit they cast their glow on a reawakened and reanimated Europe.

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