Thursday, 15 January 2015


by Dan Rayner

As Christianity fades and dies, and people reject the false dichotomy of Semitic atheistic Socialism and Semitic Christian Socialism, Asatru alone stands in a prime position to inspire our folk to a defense of our ethnic interests against their present defilement. Representing the entire ancient ancestral collection of wisdom, spiritual archetypes, and folklore, which our folk have been deprived of for so long, it is the only spiritual and political worldview that is capable of inspiring and redeeming our folk.

An important part of this tradition and one that it is easy for us to connect to are the names that our ancestors assigned to the months and days. We must not let any month or day pass without knowing the true meanings ascribed to them by our Germanic ancestors.

In Old Norse the month now named ‘January’ was once known by two names, the first half was part of the Germanic mid-winter spiritual ritual of Jól, retained in the word Yule, which ends approximately on what is now the 15th of January. Thenceforth the month of Þorri (roughly pronounced 'Thorri") begins, the month of Thor, God of Thunder, God of War. In Anglo-Saxon the same period of time is known as Æfterra Gēola/Yēola, the "After Yule" period, sometimes interpreted as the Second Yule. This indicates that the entire month after Yule had a sacred character.

Holding celebrations in the middle of Winter also had an evolutionary advantage, which is how the custom evolved. It helped to keep our communities and our folk culturally unified and well connected in the months most likely to result in deaths from exposure. Strong Germanic communities came together over the Æfterra Yule month, oftentimes over great distances to bond and ensure the safety and lives of blood relatives.

The method of reckoning the months over years was lunisolar in our older Germanic ancestral cultures. This determined the moon phase and solar rotation, using a system of 12 months with an additional intercalary 13th month every two or three years. A lunisolar calendar also predicts the alignment of full-moons with certain star constellations. Even in medieval Christianized Sweden, the Runic calendar with its “Runic calendar staffs” was utilized to determine the months, with the year beginning with the first full moon after the Winter solstice. The Rune staffs were designed in accordance with a 19-year-long cycle of the moon – one Metonic cycle – indicating that our folk have always had a noble and logical dedication to matters of scientific observation.

Our ancestral cultures, in their more ancient pure states, had a highly logical grasp of the passing of time and the natural cycles, something that testifies to the logical excellence and spiritual purity inherent in our Germanic folk, and something that we must aspire to return to from our present degraded and defiled state.

We must also assert our claim to those elements of science that are our rightful inheritance. The Metonic cycle, mentioned above, is known today after the Greek astronomer Meton of Athens, due only to the imposition of a Mediterranean-centred worldview that began with the Roman Empire and continued with the Semitic religion of Christianity. The existence of such ‘Metonic’ calendar systems in Northern Europe indicate that the understanding of the Metonic cycle, as with every single aspect of the rotation of the earth and the cycle of the respective constellations, was empirically observed and established knowledge to the learned ancient Northern Germanic folk peoples.

January is the second month of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere in our Germanic calendars, but as our spiritual reawakening gains strength we must also reject terms such as 'January' and replace such names with our Northern Germanic terminology, as such words are replete with symbolism and power.

The names and meanings that our Germanic ancestors ascribed to the passing of time were of great significance, and it is highly important the way in which we too define time. By using names expressive of our deep identity, we reinforce our practical Northern European spirituality and culture, and remind ourselves of who we are every time we read the name of the month. By doing this we also reject the Semitic legacy that sought to control us by separating us from a deeper understanding or ourselves.

Through realising the artificial nature of our current month names and restoring our true, natural folk names, we can reconnect to our essence. It is vital that we incorporate elements of Asatru into our lives. An understanding and appreciation of the lore behind our calendar and our days of the week is one of the most effective ways of connecting with our Germanic nature, the natural universe around us, and our reality as natural biological beings rooted in nature and governed by its laws. It is a path to understanding that we too, like all life forms, rise or fall in accordance with our ability to master our world and overcome challenges to our collective existence in the greater struggle.

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