Wednesday, 25 February 2015


He who frames the scene calls the shots.

If the alternative right stands for anything, it stands for metapolitics, which, in essence, is a quest for ideological hegemony by positing a frame that is larger than all the other frames. This, in a nutshell, is what ideology is all about: Whoever can create the biggest frame, while also retaining contact with reality, wins.

This was the great attraction and power of Marxism, despite its evident failure as a tool of prediction and economic organization. It claimed to see the bigger picture and the unseen forces that drove history.

With occasional disruptions of his sapient sang froid, the Marxist of the late 19th and early-to-mid 20th century always affected the pose of being "on the side of history" and "knowing how things really worked," taking a 'meta' approach to the banalities and trivialities of everyday politics. These would, of course, be twisted to the ultimate victory of the universe's quaint choice of historical subject – the proletariat.

Perhaps the best example of this 'meta-attitude' was the Communist reaction to the victory of Hitler. Even when the Nazi party had been voted into office and was consolidating its grip on power by knocking on doors at unearthly hours, German Communists were far from depressed, merely seeing this "last gasp of bourgeois reactionism" as the precursor to their own inevitable revolutionary victory.

German Communists savouring their "inevitable victory."
But despite being wrong, Marxists and the Leftists of today continue to affect this hegemonic superiority over their main opponents, ideologically illiterate conservatives, even when that movement shows a far greater grasp of mundane reality and human nature than they do.

In fact, this sense of framing the 'blind' actions of their opponents is still what gives the Left its appeal to the intelligent beta-males and biologically detached women who make up its ranks today. This also explains the connection between the Leftist outlook and atheism. Conservatives can't frame the big picture, because they have already consigned that conceptual space to God – or in some cases "the markets."

This need to be 'meta,' to frame things, to stay on the Grand Margins, also explains why the Left has over its history become an increasingly convoluted and desiccated ideology. That is because the hegemonic position of the Grand Margins is not its true home.

Despite certain "Faustian" excesses and an impressive "Nietzschean" will-to-power demonstrated by Leftists in the early 20th century, the Left, in its essence, is actually a sub-bourgeois force, the manifestation of petty Bonobo drives connected to the stomach and the cunt.

The most "Faustian" and "Nietzschean" form of the Left (Stalinism) was, by contrast, essentially a disguised form of counter-fascism with pronounced fascist characteristics, and, with the defeat of Fascism, it lost its whole reason to exist, and soon got lost in the intricacies of bath plug production and cloning Abba.

In essence the Grand Margins that must be commanded in order to frame and ideologically subordinate all that happens are the realm of realpolitik, realeconomics, realsociaology realbiology, and even realmetaphysics – in other words absolute reality.

It is not, nor never can be the realm of the Bonobo Left, although occasionally a ‘silverback’ like Stalin may temporally brave the chilling cosmic winds that scour it.

The template for Super Mario, apparently.
Although the Grand Margins may seem like a rather fascistic place, it is not the true home of Fascism either. This is because Fascism has too much of the spirit of the untermenschen about it – the beaten, downtrodden, and disadvantaged of world history temporarily mobilizing and hysterically – and femininely – overreaching in an attempt to grasp the spoils from the winners, but retreating back into petite-bourgeois conformity or destructive self-pity at the first serious setback.

Hitler is the type – destroying his own party when tapped on the shoulder by the old elite, then, in defeat, melodramatically turning Germany into a messy piece of Wagnerian opera. In victory, I suspect he would have created an elaborate steam-punk empire, where everybody from the bellboys and Jews upwards would have been required to wear epaulets.

The true ideological hegemon is and always must be a transcendent personality, essentially a stoic with an unperturbed aura of natural superiority, who understands reality and sees through the petty squabbles and partisanship of the moment, and calmly explains to people the celestial music of the universe that he can already hear, even if they cannot.

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