Tuesday, 10 February 2015


by Stephen Amico

Remember this guy? Sure you do, look closer. We went to college with this guy.

Yes, that's right. The one who drove that old station wagon and was always talking about the rights of the poor, even though everyone knew his parents were loaded.

That guy. The one who would smile in your face and awkwardly hit on your girlfriend when you weren't around. "I know he doesn't appreciate you" he would say, looking deep into her eyes. "You deserve someone better," he would say.

Remember that semester when that crazy house threw awesome theme parties until somebody got them shut down for being "insensitive?" Yeah, that was this guy and some of his friends.

Remember that one time when you crushed his argument in class and made him look stupid? And after class you saw him march straight to the front of the lecture hall, and the next time you saw the professor he had a talk with you about "reining it in a bit?" Could just be a coincidence.

Well, this guy didn't just disappear after college, even though you probably forgot all about him. See, after college he got a job. Oh boy, did he get a job. And not like you got a job to pay bills and maybe have a couple of kids.

This guy got a job because he wanted to change the world.

And you're going to run into him soon. Maybe just by himself or maybe representing his boss, it's hard to tell. And though your memory of him might be a bit fuzzy, he certainly remembers you. Gentlemen, he still hates your guts. Ladies, he still has that one picture of you. And he's going to smile in your face and look deep into your eyes and say it's so good to see you. And he knows you've been having problems lately. And do you want to talk about it?

But you should never trust this guy. Especially when he says he wants to help.

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