Wednesday, 4 March 2015


With the latest news reports out of the UK, Feminists across the West have yet another reason to denounce the evils of "manspreading," the practice whereby men sit on public transport with their legs somewhat apart. This is because it has been revealed, yet again, that hundreds of English girls have been groomed, drugged, raped, branded, tortured, and abused by Muslim gangs in yet another English town, this time Oxford:
"Such was the nature of the sexual exploitation and abuse suffered by the girls, who all had backgrounds in care, that it was likened to torture. The abuse took place in Oxford, in a guest house or in parks and churchyards, and the girls were plied with drugs and subjected to gang rape and sexual atrocities for more than eight years between 2004 and 2012."
For feminists and their enablers, sexual violence against female children represents the greatest evil of the male patriarchy, except for one tiny, awkward, little detail: the acts were all carried our by non-Whites, meaning that the feminist progressivist narrative directly runs up against those other wonderful and oh-so-necessary progressivist narratives of anti-Islamophobia and anti-racism.

Police had better things to do, apparently.
But for this tiny flaw, feminists would be having a field day, banging on about evil male "rape culture" and the inherent savagery of the male gender and the need to control or chemically castrate all males.

But pursuing this narrative in the light of this case runs a very real risk of highlighting the invalidity of the fellow progressivist anti-Islamophobia and anti-racism narratives, because "racism" and "Islamophobia" would obviously have cleared up this problem a lot quicker than feminism ever could. Indeed, it seems clear that feminism, with its trailblazing of rights for sluts of any age, has greatly added to the problem. That certainly seems to be suggested by the details now emerging:
"An internal review by Thames Valley police submitted to the inquiry highlighted a tolerance of underage sexual activity by police and social workers. 'It was evident that investigators were repeatedly wrestling with the challenge of age,' the police internal review said. 'Decisions being made throughout... were often tainted with the perception of these children having consented to the sexual activity. This was... shared amongst professionals."
So, rather than admitting that allowing mentally disturbed, young girls full sexual autonomy in the vicinity of Muslim rape gangs may in fact be a bad thing, feminists had better find an alternative narrative to bitch about that avoids both ends of this shitfest. Time to blog, twitter, and tweet about manspreading all over again.

Manspreading – worse than child rape, according to feminists.

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