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The worst act of Islamic terrorism was committed by America

by Martin Blovnik

Sixteen years ago today, the worst Islamic terrorist attack in history began, when a series of bombs exploded across a Christian European nation, causing billions of dollars of damage and killing several thousand people (more than died on 9-11). What is surprising is that this Islamic terrorist atrocity came from the launchpads of NATO missiles and the bellies of US and allied bombers.

Yes, sixteen years ago, the attack on Yugoslavia began. 

The declared reason was to stop "genocide" in Kosovo, a part of the Yugoslav state, and a complete lie as it turns out. Also, it should not be forgotten that in places where genocide actually happens – Rwanda, Darfur, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tibet, Palestine, and indeed parts of the West itself – the West does nothing. No, the terrorist attack on Yugoslavia had other reasons.

While some see Operation Noble Anvil – the ridiculous official name of this atrocity – as an attempt by President Clinton to shake off the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, others see it as the result of the military-industrial complex seeking to maintain their "budget relevance," in a world where the enormous threat of the Soviet Union had disappeared. These factors undoubtedly played some part, but the real reason was an attempt to placate and pander to the Islamic world.

Kosovo, it must be remembered, is part of the Southern borderlands of the Serbian people. It was here that the Serbian people suffered their tragic defeat at Kosovo Polje (the Field of Blackbirds) in 1389, which doomed the Serbian nation to centuries of domination by the Turk. This tragic land, sacred to Serbia, had been painfully won back and restored to the Serbian nation, but then in the communist period, Muslim Albanians had been allowed to move in and become a majority. When Yugoslavia started to face breakaway movements from Slovenians and Croats in the North, here too in the South, Albanian terrorists of the KLA, the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army," began a violent attempt to seize control, which the government of Yugoslavia resisted. This war, in which there were crimes on both sides, was blown up by the Western media as an example of "genocide."

In 2001, after the damage had been done, after Yugoslavia had been bombed, after Kosovo had been wrenched from the Serbian state, the UN-supervised Supreme Court in the Kosovo was forced to declare that nothing which could be described as genocide had occurred. As with Saddam Hussein's fabulous "Weapons of Mass Destruction," the hollowness of the declared motives for the war were revealed to a Western public who no longer cared.

German documentary on the lies behind the NATO attack.

Instead of preventing an act of genocide, the real reason for the terrorist bombing of Yugoslavia was the Western hope that the war would play well with the Islamic world. A study of the historical background makes this clear.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the West enjoyed a period of near total political hegemony. This was an ideal opportunity for it to solve the long-running problems of the Middle East by putting pressure on its Cold War ally, Israel, to cede land for peace. With total Western hegemony, there would have been no risk in this policy.

Clinton pretending to be a "peacemaker."
Indeed, moves were made, and Israel itself realized that a blatantly intransigent attitude would not play well. The Oslo Accords were signed in 1993 and 1995, the Hebron Protocol agreed in 1997, involving the withdrawal of Israeli forces around the West Bank town of Hebron, and in 1998, a similar deal, the Wye River Memorandum was also inked.

But none of these agreements challenged Israeli power in any meaningful way and were clearly token agreements to buy time and stagnate the peace process. They also did little to defuse resentment in the Arab and wider Muslim world. The election of Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996, with his provocative agenda of extending Israeli settlement whenever possible, did little to calm the situation, in fact, quite the reverse.

Meanwhile in Iraq, Saddam Hussein, still smarting from his defeat in the Gulf War, saw rising Arab discontent as a way to bolster his own position and reposition himself as an important Arab leader. His rhetoric and military preparations suggested the possibility of more significant support. This lead the West to launch Operation Desert Fox, a four-day bombing campaign by US and UK forces against Iraqi military installations in December 1998.

But Operation Desert Fox, along with the bombing of Afghanistan and Sudan, also in 1998, reinforced the impression that the West was simply anti-Muslim, and risked alienating the Arab world. It was this that made the idea of bombing a Christian European country all the more appealing to the West. It provided a convenient, low-cost way for America and NATO to show their bona fides to the wider Arab world, a way of saying, "Look, we are not prejudiced against Muslims. We are an equal opportunities bomber."

Bombing Yugoslavia because of a falsified genocide was a way of scoring points in the moral bank that could then be expended on bombing Middle Eastern countries later whenever it suited the interest of the West and that of the powerful Israeli lobby in American politics. Not only was the 1999 bombing of Europeans in Belgrade and the rest of Yugoslavia an act of terrorism on behalf of Muslim Albanians, it was also a terrorist attack on behalf of Israel. For this reason, some of us see the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington as an act of karma.

Serbians may have felt differently about this than you did.

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