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The HuffPost is apparently cock-a-hoop about the fact that mass immigration and falling birthrates seem set to reduce Whites to a minority in the USA within a few decades. They also think it is a good laugh, coming out with a video entitled "So, You're About to Become a Minority." This is framed as a pretend public information film aimed at educating Whites about how to adjust to their future status. The video's message can be broken down into (a) Whites have treated minorities unfairly in the past, (b) the boot will soon be on the other foot, and (c) ha ha ha ha!

Of course both (a) and (b) are factually wrong, and (c) is only funny as an example of absurd liberal malice, stupidity, and self-destructiveness.

The idea that Whites have been particularly nasty to minorities is clearly false – the chief proof being the fact that Whites in the USA are now becoming a minority. This is obviously the result of White kindness and generosity to minorities, which has been on a level that would simply be impossible in any and all non-White societies.

Even slavery, on closer examination, will be found to have been an act of removing an excess population of Africans from a continent that could not possibly support them to one where they could flourish, and where they have long enjoyed a much higher standard of living than their fellows in Africa. Although the motivations clearly were not kind, the effects certainly were. African Americans should therefore have at least mixed feelings towards the White and Jewish slave traders, who literally saved their ancestors from the pot in many cases.   

The idea that the boot will be on the other foot is also mostly wrong. While being a minority will suck in many ways, the suggestion that Whites will be pushed into the same lowly position as Blacks is obviously absurd. Even after they are reduced to less than 50% of the population, Whites in America will continue to be the biggest and most powerful minority, among several other minorities, for some time to come. In fact, it is difficult to see how any other group could come near to supplanting Whites in terms of ability, power, and influence. Groups with higher IQs, like Jews and North East Asians, will have smaller numbers, less fertility, and greater outbreeding, and groups with greater fertility and less outbreeding will have much lower IQs.

Also, if America survives the shock of these demographic changes, there is every possibility of a new kind of "White majority" arising out of a blending of Whites with elements of the Hispanic and even Asian communities.

Something like this seems to have happened in 19th-century and early 20th-century Argentina. In that country, the vast majority identify as "White" even though there seems to be a considerable admixture of Indian and even African blood in much of the population. In a similar way, America in the 22nd century may still have a majority population that identifies as "White" even if it is not quite as White as we understand it today. Indeed, depending on the admixture, it may even be shorn of some of its unfortunate ethnomasochist tendencies, and take quite a different attitude to what it sees as competing racial groups.

But does minority status mean impotence? Far from it. As far as World history is concerned, Whites have always been a minority, but that has never stopped us before. Whites were definitely a minority in 1521 in Mexico, when Hernando Cortes led a few hundred Whites in the overthrow of the Aztec Empire. Whites were also in the minority in 1838 when 470 Voortrekkers crushed an army of 20,000 Zulus at the Battle of Blood River, without losing a single man. Or how about the conquest of Bengal by Clive of India (he was actually from Shropshire)? Then there is the humbling of the Chinese Empire by a flotilla of the Royal Navy, and the opening of Japan by Commodore Perry's fleet in 1854.

Whites dealing with minority status in 1521.
In all these cases, Whites were firmly in the minority, as they were globally in 1969, when they first put a man on the Moon in token of the fact that only White societies have ever succeeded in physically transcending the brute determinism that has everywhere and always enslaved other societies and civilizations to the Malthusian Trap and cyclical decay.

The only thing that has ever held Whites back has been other Whites (that's what most of the 20th century has been about). Rather than signalling their destruction, becoming a minority in the USA is liable to help them put their perpetual squabbling and differences aside, and set the scene for them to conquer the world yet again. When that happens, those smug liberals at the HuffPost may need a little plastic surgery to help them laugh on the other side of their faces.

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