Friday, 22 May 2015


Crikey! It's the gun-barrel-breasted femme-bots!
In his latest "Nameless" Podcast, Andy discusses the new sci-fi movie Ex Machina, in which a dweeby, gullible, vulnerable guy gets manipulated by a scheming "fembot," who plays on his needy ego and ardent desire to feel desired, as much to her own advantage as to his considerable detriment. From this filmic premise, your faithful "Nameless" host launches into a discussion/semi-rant concerning actual fembots (be they literal machines, constructed by malignant elites via secret technology, or just human females with a machine-like propensity for dehumanizing efficiency), and the need to eschew their influence in an emasculating, hyper-gynocentric age.

Listen here, loser:


Andy's prior "Wank Session" podcast on Facebook femme fatales, "Facebook Fuckers and Flatterers
Andy's latest books, Notes Before Death and Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker

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