Wednesday, 20 May 2015


That face!

Folks on the "hard right" tend to regard commentator Ann Coulter as a GOP shill. While there is indeed much to justify such a perception of this photogenic motormouth pundette as displaying altogether too much partiality to Republicans and their agenda through the years, most infamously taking the form of overt praise for neocon-instigated bellicosity (e.g.: "Bomb their countries, kill their leaders, convert them to Christianity"), I have nevertheless always recognized in her a kind of brusque integrity, or maybe a certain relentless fury of temperament, an untamed intellect which cannot settle comfortably into any prescribed ideology.

Take, for example, this little segment (posted below), in which Ann speaks with certified GOP shill Sean Hannity and talks about the quite alarming case of Jeffrey Epstein (the name itself no doubt "triggering" to many of our readers!) Epstein, a billionaire banker, apparently "owned" a bevy of underage sex slaves, which he pimped to various high-profile friends, allegedly including former President Bill Clinton, hotshot law mogul Alan Dershowitz (double oy double vey!), Prince Andrew, and others. But being high-placed and well-connected with a legal "dream team," Epstein was generally able to evade the strong arm of the law, and got off (cough) with little more than prissy little slap on the wrist, and no charges have been brought against any of the other supposed malefactors.

In this spot, which aired on Fox News back in January, Hannity is eager to highlight the Clinton connection, but Coulter wants none of it. "This is the elites getting cozy, covering up and protecting one another," she declares. She further distances herself from the partisan tenor of the Fox broadcast by pointing out that an atrocious coverup of the case took place under the Bush administration, and that Republican favorite Ken Starr played a key role in orchestrating the smoothover of what ought to have been a bloodletting, ensuring that several big important Democrats escaped with their scalps, and thus as much as admitting that the players from both major parties are as good as in cahoots with one another.

Our rulers are disgusting, repulsive criminals who can, and do, get away with murder and worse. Our legal system is a joke, one which protects the fatcats and grinds their victims into meat. Give Miss Coulter credit for her discernment on this front. Let us hope that her commentary here doesn't merely represent one isolated "blonde moment," as it were, but instead marks a prelude to a great awakening. 

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