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Macho, macho man.

Those who know me are well aware that I'm not the type of person to express reflexive disdain for the variegated flotsam of popular culture; in fact, I find the haughty "Kill Your TV" tropes favored by some social critics rather annoyingly smug and needlessly dismissive.

Still, I find myself struggling with the gratingly self-congratulatory tone of my own inner snob when I consider the fact that I know next to nothing about the "Kardashian" family. Indeed, when I think of Bruce Jenner (who apparently at some point married into said Kardashian family, a clan which became rich, famous, and reality show-worthy for some reason that I don't know and which doesn't even slightly interest me), the first image that comes to mind isn't this lurid new Vanity Fair "Call Me Kaitlyn" drag-pic, but the far more wholesome images that graced Wheaties cereal boxes during the time of my youth, that of manly, handsome Bruce heroically crossing the finish line, charged with virile stamina and victorious brio.

The breakfast of sexual chameleons?
These are happy images taken from my youth, which I will go on remembering fondly. I also recall more obscure ironies: it seems that the CBS program The Incredible Hulk changed the titular character's mild-mannered alter-ego from "Bruce" to "David" because "David" sounded more macho. In their satire of the show, MAD magazine mocked this decision on the part of Hulk's producers: how could "Bruce" be a unmanly name when a guy named "Bruce" had just proven to be the world's master decathalete?

It seems that the joke was on MAD, after all. As time has revealed, Bruce was never a man at all deep down in the hidden recesses of his soul, at least if we take his recent commentary on the subject for gospel truth. I have no idea what led Bruce/"Caitlin" on his/her/its journey into profound gender dysmorphia, and while I'm sure it's an interesting story, it's not one I find myself compelled to explore. Weird and freakish as his apparent proclivities strike me as being, I don't doubt that he truly feels the way he does about being male on the surface but female at the core; for him, it is "normal" to want to dress and look like a woman; from his perspective, there is nothing at all misguided about the notion of spending millions of dollars to transform yourself into a bodily shape you believe to be more befitting of your spiritual essence. Offputting as I find it all (and I'm hardly alone; the "pushback" against the Vanity Fair cover seems to have been quite pronounced.), I'm inclined to just let him be, and hope he gets it all sorted out properly in these, his twilight years.

Just the same, there is something undoubtedly disconcerting about the concerted campaign on the part of the establishment media to fling Jenner's flagrantly unseemly sex identity confusion into our faces and dare us to find it aesthetically appalling or metaphysically tragic, lest we be labeled as "bigoted" or "hateful." There seems to be an element of psychological warfare involved here, in which this aging Olympic medalist is nothing but a hapless prop. It is, after all, a common practice to make men dress like women at hazing rituals in order to shame and humiliate them. Reportedly, super-secretive and extremely powerful groups like "Skull and Bones" and others have welcomed their initiates through macabre ceremonies involving cross-dressing and masturbating in coffins. Similarly, interrogators at Abu Ghraib in Iraq made prisoners wear panties on their heads while female soldiers sexually humiliated them.

Such psychological pummeling is clearly designed to emasculate the victims, to make them feel powerless, to strike despair into their hearts, to induce surrender, to elicit abasement. Is it that much of a stretch to suspect that, through broadcasting the "Caitlyn" Jenner drag-photo far and wide across all available media outlets, our scheming rulers intend to strike a vicious body blow to the morale of those who chafe against the ever-tightening totalitarian chokehold? Could trans-Jennerism, in fine, be an engineered event, designed to further the campaign to undermine and subvert Western masculinity?

Really, is it that far from the mark to wonder if a message is being sent to the non-elite, increasingly disenfranchised and displaced Occidental man? 

"Look at what we've done to a man who was once the essence of masculine strength and powerful athleticism! Do you really think a nobody like YOU stands a chance if you oppose us? If we can transform the great Bruce Jenner from a strapping Wheaties-box hero into a pathetic, freakishly disfigured, dress-wearing tranny, can you just imagine what we can do to YOU, little man? Therefore, bow down, reck our collective rod; conform to our dictates and serve our interests; fight in our wars, support our mandated social engineering schemes, and worship our christened leaders. In short, emasculate yourself: cease to be defiant, tuck your testicles in, lower your heads, put on your dress, and shuffle away into oblivion like a good little girl, and there will be far less trouble..."

Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Under the NihilThe Columbine PilgrimConsidering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so. Visit his Soundcloud page.

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