Most of us around these parts of the intertubes would agree that Fox News is little but controlled opposition (i.e., GOP-funded shills and hacks pimping for the establishment lite-right), but I'd say it still has its moments. One of those moments transpired last week when the brainiest of the network's obligatory blonde babe anchors, Megyn Kelly, got a bee in her bonnet over the murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant who had been given "sanctuary" status in San Francisco.

Kelly here is especially scathing on President Obama, the man who, as she points out, didn't hesitate to make a federal case out of Trayvon Martin, Micheal Brown, and other melanin-enriched characters of questionable character who got themselves killed for reasons that probably had something to do with a certain propensity for thuggery and violence, but who hasn't uttered a peep about the conspicuously melanin-deprived and thoroughly law-abiding Kate Steinle, much less sending cabinet members to her funeral or sending the DOJ to investigate the atrocious circumstances which led to her senseless murder... I suspect others here will admit to enjoying Ms. Kelly's "mad as hell" demeanor in this segment. There is a certain needful catharsis in the tightly-controlled rage she effuses that is, well... undeniably sexy.

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  1. Nothing Kelly did on Fox ever seemed sexy to me. In fact the mere sight of her would cause my penis to implode into my stomach. Most annoying bitch I ever saw.



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