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Jose kicks off this fast-paced blur of sound bites by warming up a crowd of White kids with a bit of honesty. “We usually talk about you, about White people, and we don’t include you in the conversation.”

Everything after that is a lie.

Finally, after years of our complaining that America’s “conversation about race” is actually a scripted monologue aimed at the White race, MTV roped a gaggle of clueless and brainwashed White teens and young adults into a carefully framed and tightly edited trap with the promise that they’ll get to be included in America’s conversation about race.

It can’t be emphasized enough how fake this “documentary” is. Its first character profile is of a proudly Southern and openly homosexual guy who’s enrolled in a historically Black college. Homosexuals are less than four percent of the population, but the media’s organized campaign to normalize sexual deviance by cramming it down our throats has us assuming they’re more like a fourth of the population. This confused and conflicting edge case kid’s presence is no accident, as he was selected to help construct the implied premise of this authentically racist propaganda: White folks have no coherent or valid identity, except in the negative.

Asians, Indians, and Blacks are festive, dancing around and playing together, while Whites nervously fritter about in their overly large houses apologizing for and excusing themselves.

All documentaries have an agenda. Nobody’s truly objective, even when they’re striving to be. But this particular documentary doesn’t even bother feigning objectivity or trying to empathize with its subjects. “White People” is designed to accuse, belittle, and lecture its subject matter.

Whites are allowed to look back with guilt, but not forward with hope. Whiteness is a class, a category, and a race when it’s the target or receptacle of accountability, shame, and awkwardness. But Whites are entirely and utterly alienated individuals who have nothing in common except pigment and privilege when they attempt, timidly and indirectly, to speak or think of themselves as an identity group with shared interests.

We’re repeatedly reminded throughout the documentary that we need to put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes, to empathize and sympathize with the other to better understand them. Typically, a documentary entitled “Basket Weavers” or “The Tribes of New Guinea” would exhort the audience to empathize and sympathize with basket weavers or New Guineans, but “White People” isn’t actually about White people at all; it’s about teaching White people that they’re utterly toxic and essentially beyond redemption.

My question, after having witnessed this trainwreck of sniveling, sensitive, and pseudo-intellectual shlock is why separation isn’t on the table? After all, it’s evident that we Whites are hopelessly racist in all kinds of secretive, subtle, and systemic ways which can’t be quantified or cured. So why not just give up and part ways?

I mean, if the liberal gay kid with a gaggle of black female friends is still not there, what hope do you or I have?

Short of writing a big soppy apology for being White and setting myself on fire, it’s pretty much impossible to cleanse myself of White Guilt. The mechanics of it are identical to religious Blood Libel against Jews, which is unsurprising given that this genocidal White Guilt propaganda campaign was envisioned, financed, and produced by Jews, with a token illegal immigrant Mexipino host.

Absolutely all of the native children at the reservation resented the effusively friendly White teachers, teachers who most likely gravitated toward these poverty-stricken communities to be White Saviors. White Americans have generally refused to acknowledge how much bitterness and resentment is aimed at them, or what it will entail for themselves and their children when demographic trends eventually empower those “minorities” to act on that negativity.

Nothing you do will make them happy, even devoting your life to mentoring and educating their children instead of your own children will not satisfy them, such is the depth and scope of their anti-white hate. In fact, socially, economically, and politically cuckolding yourself to them in this manner only emboldens them to fabricate new accusations and demand more concessions.

The show flat-out lies about the facts on the ground with admissions and scholarships. When one adjusts for academic performance, accounts for foreign national admissions, and stops pretending that Jews are “White,” the anti-White discrimination in post-secondary education is real. Not that I personally care. The fact that gifted White youths are systematically excluded from this system is good news for radicals.

Ultimately, this system’s eagerness to alienate and dispossess gifted and talented White youths will be its undoing.

They make a big to-do about this supposed evidence of Whites imagining themselves to be victims with the scholarship stuff, but absolutely all the ways that minorities “feel” that they’re victims are left unchallenged. Maybe White people cross the street because, oh, …I don’t know, …Blacks are several times more likely to commit violent crimes?

The chubby White girl who tried to complain about the scholarship situation learned the hard way, on national television, that speaking and thinking in that fuzzy and feminized feelzthink manner is only accepted when one’s being anti-white. Feelings and grievances belong to non-Whites, not Whites. Their feelings are valid; yours are radioactive.

Em(p)ty V
And don’t even try being colorblind. The host is right, feigning “colorblindness” is indeed an attempt to run away from racial issues. You can run but you can’t hide from racial issues in America. Racial issues will look for you. Racial issues will find you. And eventually, they’re going to literally kill you off if you don’t learn to stop running, stop apologizing, stop buying time, …and face down this anti-White system.

When the White Privilege Workshop dork’s dad actually stands his ground and refuses to apologize for being White, MTV helps me feel negativity and terror about that with horror film background music, followed by heart-wrenching music to go along with the dork explaining how it hurts his feelings when his stepfather refuses to apologize for his racial identity.

“White People” attempts to conclude with a tale about a neighborhood which was originally Italian but is now being overwhelmed by Chinese immigrants. The new immigrants are rude, standoffish, disengaged from the commons, and unlikely to gradually assimilate into the overarching White American identity the way the Italians, Irish, and other Europeans who came before. Jose guides his host family into concluding that they’re just going to have to shut up and deal with being dispossessed.

The possibility that we may very well nut up and deal with them isn’t suggested or entertained. Honestly, I doubt the possibility of history progressing any other way than their progressive narrative of White Dispossession is within the realm of thinkable thoughts for these people. But history’s been full of surprises and reversals. Throughout the documentary, the Amerindians and Blacks were a bit more cautious and nervous about communicating with White Americans about race than the recent immigrants, and I suspect it’s because they’re aware of the danger.

Amerindians and Black Americans retain a vivid ancestral memory that these seemingly harmless Whites are perfectly capable of being assertive and even aggressive under the right conditions. The Jews and recent immigrants have only known us White Americans as we are today; apologizing, backpedaling, shuffling from one neighborhood to the next without complaint or resistance. They imagine they can keep poking us in the eye as they do with this documentary indefinitely without any danger of provoking us. Time will tell.

I’ve seen tons and tons of documentaries about racial issues. I’m somewhat of a connoisseur on the topic, and am certainly no stranger to the anti-White bias, deceptive editing, and selective scripting that goes into these projects. I’m struggling to remember one this boring and dumb. This might be the most lame documentary about race in the expansive pantheon of mainstream media documentaries about race.

Jose purported to be breaking through the simplistic discourse about race in America with what’s perhaps the most predictable, formulaic, scripted, and anti-White bit of conventional elite opinion ever coughed up on the White American viewer. I want my nation back. I want my pride in my heritage and identity back. I want my hope for a bright and fruitful future for my people back. But most of all, I want my 41 minutes back.

Originally published at Traditional Youth Network

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