In recent days the Cuckservative meme seems to have taken off, spreading from the covens and enclaves of the alternative right to the underbelly of the mainstream media. But what exactly is the Cuckservative mentality, and can it be defeated simply by the dissemination of a powerful pun and meme?

To answer these questions it is necessary to look more closely at the workings of the basic Conservative/Cuckservative mentality. There are several important factors to consider. These include:

  • White/Non-White asymmetry
  • The internal and the external nature of the threat to Whites
  • False threat consciousness and the tendency to externalize enemies
  • Christianity as a facilitating mechanism

The first point to make is that America (as well as the Greater West) exhibits a strongly asymmetric character, by which I mean that, even though Whites are courting their own ultimate destruction, they remain in a position of near total dominance.

It is obvious that if Whites attained true consciousness there could be no threat to their existence. This would pertain even if they were reduced to 25% of the population in their own homelands. Inherent White characteristics – such as courage, physical strength, altruism, honesty, IQ, innovation, organizational ability, self-sacrifice, etc. – ensure that Whites are a naturally dominant group, especially in clear-cut conflict situations.

Cuck Central: Jeb Bush.
American Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jews – even if they were strongly united – would not last the proverbial five minutes in an open conflict with Whites. Even with negative demographic trends, this will remain the situation for the foreseeable future, and well past the point at which Whites become a minority in their main homelands.

But this being said, Whites are slowly but surely losing their position of dominance, and simple projections point to their ultimate extinction. This combination of existential threat and the feebleness of rival groups creates a paradoxical situation with regard to who our real enemies are.

By their raw, competitive interest Non-Whites are our ultimate enemies, but in their present feebleness they are an ill-match for latent White power. Our only possible enemies at the present and for the foreseeable future are (a) other Whites who follow explicitly anti-White creeds – i.e. Liberals – and (b) other Whites who fail to recognize and assert White interests – i.e. Conservatives. The threat to Whites is essentially an internal one that exists in the vast numbers of Whites who remain committed to artificial systems of belief that deny or obscure their interests and which prevent them from protecting them.

It would seem from this unsatisfactory state of affairs that it would be a comparatively easy process to cure the Cuckservative by pointing out these salient facts. But that is seldom the case. This is because the Cuckservative is emotionally unable to face up to the fact that he is the problem and that his real enemy is himself.

This issue of the internal enemy is the essential difference between Alt-Rightists and Old-Rightists.

The GOP's plan for political dominance.
The Alt-Rightist is someone who has effectively purified himself of "unclean," inner contradictions and false moralities, and who has eliminated the internal enemy. He recognizes and expresses his group interests in a way that is characteristic of healthy groups. This is because he is ahead of the curve and is already mentally living in a pessimistic vision of the future, where Whites are a threatened minority. He knows that he can never truly win over "the Other" so his instincts are to polarize, not to embrace.

The Old-Rightist by contrast is defined by a sense of complacency, unjustified optimism, and the deep inner contradictions that come from having internalized the toxic value system of Liberals or Leftists. This has happened because his instincts are to embrace, not polarize.

This internalization of his opponent's views often stems from his Christian belief system, both because of Christianity's inherent Leftism and because of its spirit of compromise and accommodation. In this spirit the Old-Rightist is lured into accepting abstract Liberal premises of "equality," "social justice," and "openness," in an attempt to meet his opponents half-way and in the forlorn hope that they will reciprocate.

For this reason, his real enemy exists deep within himself – the Cuckservative mentality that turns him into a useful idiot, fueled with a litany of lunacies and working for his own ultimate demise.

Human psychology has an inbuilt tendency – from more competitive times – to externalize the idea of the enemy. This tendency persists, even when external enemies are weak and when the real enemy is the one deep within.

For this reason, the Cuckservative develops a false sense of external enemy, choosing one on whom he can safely and ineffectually "project" his inner sense of threat and ultimate sense of danger. Rather than seeing his own contradictory thought processes and lack of true group identity as the main danger and Non-Whites as the ultimate danger, he instead projects his enmity onto that other group of confused Whites, namely Liberals and Leftists, the same group he tries to mistakenly win over by accepting their principles.

"Leftists," "Liberals," and "Democrats" are accordingly blamed for the failure of all other groups to live up to implicitly White Conservative standards. They are the real racists and the real sexists, holding Blacks down and preventing women from achieving their full potential, etc., etc.

In this way the Conservative develops what can be called a "false threat consciousness" that is analogous to the old Marxist trope of a "false class consciousness." But while the "false consciousness" of Marxism was not false, in that the workers were right to reject the Communist Party, the false threat consciousness of the modern Conservative is completely false. He has externalized what is a essentially an internal threat, and any attempt to make him realize this is inevitably interpreted as "proof" of a further attack from his supposed external enemies. This is how many Conservatives have been responding to the Cuckservative meme.

Rather than seeing it as a friendly tap on the shoulder from those sharing his own fundamental group interests, the Cuckservative prefers to see it as an emanation from the Left or even a psy-ops from the camp of Hillary Clinton, aimed at tarring him as an evil "racist" and "sexist," when "everyone knows that it’s the Democrats who are the real racists and sexists..."

Yes, the unmistakable cry of the clueless cuck rings through the forest once again!


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