Sunday, 19 July 2015


Trump: a mere pawn in a more intricate chess match?
At the insightful site, an intriguing explanation is given for the success of the "Donald Trump for president" phenomenon thus far, with regard to the mogul-turned-politician's tough talk on illegal immigration, and the subsequent runaway popularity he has been able to obtain.

According to this blogger, the strawberry blonde billionaire is merely a pawn in a much more intricate chess match between two elite power-broking factions of prominently-placed high mucky-mucks within the US government. Purportedly, it all relates back to Iran:
What's exceptional about Trump's platform is that the illegal immigration grievance is allowed to be aired. Discontent over how the federal government in particular encourages illegal immigration is a politically powerful issue and has been for decades. Despite the issue's obvious political capital, nobody in the US political machine tackles it because American elites need vast quantities of cheap labor to undermine US citizens' economic and political clout. Illegal immigration is one of the pillars of American imperial power-- the country doesn't need it, but the elites do. So why is illegal immigration getting some airtime now?

Trump is being allowed to exploit justified illegal immigration concerns because there are deep divisions in the US establishment over how to handle Iran.

Trump's political career is not about appealing to the masses, it's about threatening a subset of the American elite who back negotiating with Iran rather than crushing Iran under a jackboot. The jackboot contingent is threatening the negotiating contingent with unleashing popular discontent to push through their war agenda.
Read the entirety of the article here.

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