Friday, 3 July 2015


Each White baby delays the utopia of true diversity.

by Libby Tard (guest liberal)

Vice President Joe Biden (pictured above, on the right) has been sharing his wisdom with the nation again. At a recent State Department luncheon for Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, he opined:
"By 2017, those of us of European stock," Biden said "will be an absolute minority in the United States of America." That's "not a bad thing, that's a good thing," he added, because it means the U.S. is expanding the diversity of its people."

He has cheered the end of the white, European majority before. Last December, while in Morocco, he said:

"Ladies and gentlemen, in 2017, the United States for the first time, Caucasians of European descent like me will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America. The secret that people don't know is our diversity is the reason for our incredible strength."
OK, narrow-minded hate-mongers are going critique the guy's math skills (which already show interesting elements of diversity) because, according to old-dead-White-guy science, Whites are not scheduled to be a US minority until 2044.

But this kind of racist accuracy just detracts from the great point the VP is making, namely that diversity is our strength, and the fact that our racist media and education system has been conniving to keep this vital secret hidden, ever since it was discovered in a laboratory or somewhere. Biden deserves a pat on the back for having the courage to be #sobrave and come out about the tremendous advantages of diversity. He's definitely my pick to stand up to whichever racist thug the Republican Party picks as its candidate in 2016.

But while Biden is so right about his vision of an America where Whites are a deracinated minority, there are distinct dangers with the approach now being used to achieve this utopian state: namely a seeping, porous Southern border, inefficiently manned by Mexican smuggling and rape gangs.

First, this system by raising the level of diversity slowly, may actually trigger epigenetic racist defense mechanisms buried deep beneath the ethnomasochistic altruism of Whites, leading to a sudden outburst of racism and calls for a "White America." Perhaps this is the reason why Donald Trump's blowhard message of building a wall across the border is already taking the Republican primary campaign by storm.

But, secondly, even assuming that the globalist-friendly elements in the GOP can push "The Donald" to one side and keep the border open, you are not likely to get much diversity from allowing in a flood of mainly Catholic Mexicans with a tiny peppering of H-1B Asian tech geeks and their virtual waifus.

No, if you believe in diversity as an absolute good, you can't leave its attainment to such unreliable and long-term methods as this – plus I'll probably be an actual Republican by 2044, ferchrissakes! If you want it by 2017 at the latest, then the only way to get it, is to immediately annex several large "sources of diversity."

In the past America has invaded countries for worthless oil (we now have wind power, etc.), but, as Joe Biden so correctly points out, diversity is a much more valuable commodity than some ancient fossil fuel made from patriarchal dinosaurs. Finally, something worth invading foreign lands for!

Right now the US has about 190 million Whites out of a population of 308 million. In order to reduce Whites to a minority it needs at least another 72 million non-Whites, but that would still leave Whites as the biggest minority, which is not that different from being the majority, especially with all their in-built power, wealth, work ethic, racism, guns, and privilege. To achieve true diversity, it would be necessary to increase the non-White population by much, much more than this.

For this reason, I recommend that America – while its cisgenderist, patriarchal military can still do such things – invade and annex Mexico (population 122 million, mainly Mestizo) and one or two other large, vibrant countries in quite different parts of the globe. Nigeria (population 173 million, Black) and Pakistan (182 million, South Asian) would be ideal. This would give the USA the right demographic mix to be a truly diverse state, where no one language, religion, or race – especially not the White one – would dominate.

Why must we wait until 2044 for true diversity? With his brave comments, Joe Biden has shown the way: inviting the World isn't quick enough, invading it might be.

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