Wednesday, 30 September 2015


You’ll all have seen it by now, the meme above, featuring a North American Black bear sitting at a camping table reminiscing about his experiences of eating human flesh, and coming to the conclusion that humans are essentially the same. The take away message is obvious: Hey bro, we're all the same, whatever our sexual inclinations, race, or religion. So, like, chill out, and stop having an actual group identity.

Of course, the only people this meme ever cons out of having a positive identity are straight, White people, and even in those cases it just pushes them in the direction of assuming the negative identity of the ethnomasochistic, as it is psychologically impossible to not have an identity.

But  what of the meme? Are we all the same, and would a bear be in a position to know? There are obvious flaws with the meme that make it east to counter. For example, even though the bear has supposedly been feasting on campers, it has apparently had a taste of every kind of person in the world, on which to base its view of human similarities.

Unlikely! Non-White minorities tend to have very little interest in camping. This is essentially a White activity. The 2013 American Camper Report, for example, a publication that we can assume, is doing its best to inflate the diversity quotient, says that only 4% of campers are Black and 6% Hispanic. Due to the patently White nature of the activity, we can further assume that even those Blacks and Hispanics referred to by these percentages are a lot Whiter than the average for their demographics, actual people from Spain, say, or "high yellas." Maybe that is why they tasted the same.

The next point that can be attacked is the idea that all humans are the same because they all taste like chicken. By that logic, anything that tasted like chicken would be human – including actual farmyard poultry!

Defining humanity by how it might taste to a certain animal is the same as defining us by the fact that we sweat or piss, or that left in the ground long enough we release a similar amount of nitrates into the soil. Needless to say, this is not exactly the way most people wish to identify or perceive themselves, but it is certainly in keeping with the deculturing, dehumanizing, deracinating, and despiritualizing tendencies of the Leftist mindset.

A bear actually tasting the wind.
But even the idea that we all taste the same to a bear is scientifically flawed, as it leans strongly on what can only be described as a 'specieist' stereotype of the bear as an extremely unfussy and indiscriminate eater, who will – like more gullible leftists – swallow practically anything. This is insulting to bears and does not square with the known facts of ursine physiognomy. Taste, as is well known, is strongly connected to the sense of smell, and a bear’s sense of smell is reported to be even more developed than a dog’s. For example it is known to be able to smell reasonably fresh carrion from miles away. Their large muzzles have a huge inner surface area covered with tens of millions of olfactory nerves.

Thus, it is unlikely that even human individuals from the same age, gender, and race groups will taste the same to bears, let alone entirely different races. As for races, these are bound to taste quite different to a bear due to major racial differences in the number and activity of the apocrine glands – the sweat glands found primarily in the armpit and genital areas that produce human body odour. An additional factor would be differences in diet between different races, such as the spicy foods popular among Indian. These factors alone would ensure that humans of different races would provide quite distinct culinary events for bears.

But even if we refuse to get drawn into culinary quibbling like this and take the meme at face value, it nevertheless remains deeply paradoxical.

The essential contradiction is that although the meme is emphasising the equivalence of all humans, it is doing this in order to imply a distinction, namely that between “right thinking” non-racists and “wrong thinking” racists, who think such petty things as differences in civilizational level, crime rates, government corruption, and GDP are mere irrelevances compared to human deadweight.

The best way to ridicule this meme, therefore, is to embrace its paradoxical element by admitting the implied difference between racists and non-racists, while also asserting the meaningless of such a distinction in the very terms promoted by the meme:
“Great! If we all taste like chicken, it doesn't really matter then if some of us are racist, sexist, homophobic, or whatever. Cool!”

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