In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and, right now, with the migrant hordes battering at the unhinged doors of Europe – while being fed and watered for their trouble – it is quite easy to stand head and shoulders above the low level of Europe’s leaders. Especially the childless Angela Merkel, whose brain seems to have been strangled in her skull by a late, misplaced, post-menopausal mothering instinct, which has imprinted on the feral, squealing hordes of Third World welfare shoppers, pushing towards Germany.

In the crumbling of Europe’s puny defences, there have been some bright spots, such as the Czech refusal to take non-Christians, along with similar noises from the Poles and other Slavs. Viktor Obran in Hungary has also put up some token resistance, but obviously not enough. The Hungarian police have never looked more pathetic than they have in the face of the migrants, egged on by the bleeding-heart international media. The invaders have ignored them and gone round them, only stopping to pick up free bottles of mineral water and snacks to sustain them in their campaign of continued disobedience. But, then again, it is not Hungary and the Slavic states that the migrants are interested in. It is affluent North European countries, like Germany, Holland, the UK, and those in Scandinavia.

Surprisingly one bright spot has been David Cameron. While Germany, under the rule of Merkel’s lastest hot flush, has decided to throw its border in the trashcan, Cameron has been fighting a surprisingly gritty rearguard action. Possibly this is related to his own non-Arab Middle Eastern ancestry, or more likely it is a recognition of the latent power of British nationalism, currently slumming it in UKIP and the drier reaches of the Conservative Party rather than a real nationalist party.

This nationalist tendency has been shamed, guilted, browbeaten, and cowed into accepting a lot, but a wholesale Camp of the Saints scenario, like the one unfolding in Germany, where a minister reported that the country is expecting nearly a million refugees this year, could well be the last straw for what is in fact a tightly coiled spring. To be cavalier with the concerns of this demographic could prove a hubristic act for a Conservative Party that is pretty well set for permanent power in the face of a shrunken, leftward-drifting Labour Party, whose only hope now lies in extreme economic chaos.

How exactly has Cameron been responding to the crisis? While the crisis seems to have caught much of Europe on the back foot, Cameron has actually been warming up for the challenge with the situation at Calais, where a motley crew of hardcore Third World border jumpers has been disrupting traffic between England and France for months in an attempt to get to the UK.

Third World welfare shopper chooses Germany.

While Germany and other parts of Europe have learned to their cost the danger of not having an effective and occasionally lethal border, Britain, blessed by nature with a sea boundary – which, as Shakespeare pointed, out "serves it in the office of a wall/ or as a moat defensive to a house/ against the envy of less happier lands" – has been largely sitting out the crisis unscathed. Cameron has respondied to German demands to "share the burden" by accepting a relative handful of refugees by the standards of the West. According to the BBC, the numbers are a tiny fraction of what’s on Germany’s plate:
"Nearly 5,000 Syrians have been granted asylum in the last four years and the UK has accepted 216 Syrian refugees under a scheme to relocate the most vulnerable begun in early 2014."
But while Britain’s maritime borders have ensured that it is reasonably insulated from this crisis, it is far from insulated from the emotional shitstorm brewed up by the media, who realize that dead babies sell papers, provide moral justification for BBC TV licenses, and please advertisers, always keen to ameliorate their hard-edged business realities (downsizing, outsourcing, profiteering, etc.) with a fuzzy, pink pose of human compassion.

Politicians, especially incumbents like Cameron, are therefore under pressure to make some moral signals. In Scotland, where the Scottish government doesn’t actually deal with UK border issues, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared that Scotland (population 5 million) is ready to take 1,000 refugees. While this sounds good to liberals and leftists, it is actually extremely conservative, considering the number of Syrian refugees already in Europe. One is reminded of Dr. Evil's anticlimactic ransom demand in Austin Powers. If the whole of the EU were to take refugees on this scale, the EU with its population of around 500 million would only be able to handle just about 100,000. Not bad!

Cameron is doing even better. Like any mainstream Western politician, his overall record on corporate-driven immigration is abysmal, but in this crisis he has shown a commendable desire not to turn Britain into a Third World dumping ground and Islamo-terror factory.

Due to the emotive, dead baby shitstorm, cooked up by the media in recent days, he has been forced into making some concessions. If he hadn’t, elements of the media would be able to effortlessly pillory him as a “heartless monster,” while causing splits within his party, as some elements veered towards moral posturing. His main rival in the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, has been 'compassion signalling' with a vengeance in order to embarrass Cameron.

Those who should be refugees can't.

But rather than going along with Johnson on his Left, and thus causing problems on his Right, Cameron has played a skillful hand, showing resistance to the migrant invasion while offsetting this with high value compassionate gestures.

Most notably, he has made a distinction between those well-fed-and-funded migrants already in Europe, who have been steadily losing sympathy by repeatedly breaking laws and disrespecting their host societies, and the real refugees suffering from the conflict, most of whom are too poor, sick, confused, or traumatised to storm Europe’s southern borders.

Cameron’s approach is to spend more money for the refugees in the countries neighbouring Syria itself, announcing £100 million in humanitarian aid for those in camps in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and the Lebanon, while taking a few thousand refugees directly from these camps, most notably orphans and rape victims.

Needless to say, these refugees have a higher "compassion value" on the feels and moral signalling market that is feverishly trading in Europe and therefore fewer of them are needed. While Germany is being swamped with 'subprime' fake refugees in its desperate attempt to jump up-and-down and say, "Look, we’re not Nazis anymore," Cameron has been defending his own "bastard spot" by investing cannily in small amounts of gilt-edged compassion stocks, a move that allows him to defend himself from attacks from the Left without doing too much damage on his Right.

Robert Stark interviews Colin Liddell about the European Migrant Crisis

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