Thursday, 3 September 2015


Lee Rigby

(To commemorate the first anniversary of Fusilier Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers' Name being Added to the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum, Sept. 1 2014.)

Arthurus, Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus

When are you coming back? There's need. You told us
That you would return when the need was great,
And we've never been in more dangerous
Need than this. We've been sold out, the third estate
Doesn't understand that they're despised,
And reviled-- tagged infidels in their own
Lands-- instead they march along to revised
Versions of who belongs and what homegrown
Has come to mean these days. They're now a thing
They can't fully understand: traitors to
Their race, and their land, accommodating
All who do not belong here to undo
Everything we have ever been and yet could
Ever be. Come now, if you ever would.

Postcard From Europe

One civilized place, then another slipped.
We didn't believe they'd crash, so we let
Them. All of them. Now they're gone. We watched it
All. Who ever thought we'd see ourselves get
Called racist infidels in our own lands?
Who ever would have thought there would be so
Many coming over? More than was planned,
More than we ever thought would want to go
From there to here. We used to think we should
Welcome more enrichment and more diverse
Cultures... until our own was gone for good.
There's no room for regret-- we're left with worse
And worse migrant traditions that never
Enriched us, only changed us forever.

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