Inspired by Dota’s old post on 1984, I recently finished reading George Orwell’s dystopian novel. This won’t be an extensive review, as he already covered the book’s most pertinent points; I will likewise presume that readers are already familiar with the main plot, so I won’t provide much context.

(in other words, Spoiler Alert!)

While Dota highlighted several relevant themes from the book, one particular chapter deeply resonated with me. During the part where Winston Smith was reading a chapter of “the book” written by dissident rebel Emmanuel Goldstein (or O’Brien, depending on your point of view), a brief passage warrants quotation (emphasis mine):
"The alteration of the past is necessary for two reasons, one of which is subsidiary and, so to speak, precautionary. The subsidiary reason is that the Party member, like the proletarian, tolerates present-day conditions partly because he has no standards of comparison. He must be cut off from the past, just as he must be cut off from foreign countries, because it is necessary for him to believe that he is better off than his ancestors and that the average level of material comfort is constantly rising."
That got me thinking about why modern white Americans tolerate so much rotten behavior from their depraved overlords. After reading 1984, I’ve come to conclude that many whites simply don’t have any standards of comparison; at best, their understanding of the non-American world is very shallow and clouded by blind American exceptionalism. This is what allows them to harbor so many delusions.

One could even make the case that most white Americans have mastered the art of “doublethink.” Despite proclaiming themselves to be “free” and “independent,” the truth belies such chest-thumping. Americans toil at jobs they hate, where they work longer hours and enjoy fewer days of vacation than citizens in every other developed country; and for all their efforts, most live paycheck-to-paycheck. While fancying themselves rugged individualists, countless Americans binge on credit and resign themselves to a quagmire of debt just to purchase the same consumer goods as everyone else. Those who produce said consumer goods – our current corporate oligarchs – frequently extol the virtues of hard work and competition. Never mind the countless government subsidies that they happily accept or even lobby for; never mind the frequent formation of monopolies in order to stifle competition.

I suspect that such contradictions and cognitive dissonance are the real culprits behind white America’s apathy. Many white Americans simply don’t know that there are alternatives to the current malaise of the US. They don’t recognize that countries such as Germany – its current lunacy notwithstanding – can enjoy the fruits of high productivity and competitiveness while not treating their workers like serfs. Deprived of such vital global knowledge, many Americans simply resign themselves to our current Gilded Age – all while putting on a big fake smile.

Airstrip One: Americans exist in a similar bubble.
On a more cultural level, white Americans probably endorse (or at least accept) multiculturalism because they don’t recognize that neo-nazi extremism or bleeding heart humanism aren’t the only options. They aren’t cognizant of the kind of healthy nationalism that’s practiced by nations such as Japan. Whites recoil from nationalistic sentiments because they’re unaware that most groups around the world put self-interest first, and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I’m certainly not suggesting that our elites conspire to keep Americans ignorant about the world; imperial hubris probably has more to do with America’s collective blindness. However, I also don’t think it’s entirely coincidental that Americans are so globally and historically illiterate. After all, people who are blind to the existence of greener grass are more inclined to put up with their decaying brown lawns.

In conclusion, studying history and global events is vital because it allows us to resist plutocratic, anti-white American propaganda. At least for me personally, my knowledge of world history and current events has strengthened my alt right convictions. I now know that far from being extreme, my views are more sane than those espoused by mainstream Americans. I also know that nothing about the American experiment is natural or inevitable; with time and persistence, it can be challenged.

Therefore, I exhort you to defy our current Inner Party by becoming a true citizen of the world.

Originally published at Occident Invicta

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