Theme: Diverse racial friends (including one gay Asian male) of female surgeon married to unemployed, fat, drunk white beta loser cuck want her to "liberate herself" with the handsome, brilliant, muscular, black head of surgery, but she holds on to her marriage despite physical and emotional abuse because she thinks that's what God wants.

Character arc: after an episode of racism/homophobia displayed by the priest, the doctor leaves her boring, oppressive, white-majority traditional Church in the suburbs for a hip, progressive inner-city one where – GASP! – the hot black doctor is also the minister, doing outreach toward strangely angelic inner-city diverse children.

Asking him for advice as to what she should do about her marriage, the hot doctor minister tells her, like the strong alpha male she secretly yearns for, to help him in his missionary work.

Over the coming weeks, she laughs with old dying whites in a nursing home as he reads the bible to them; dances in the street with a young, white homosexual, who the minister advised to "come out" to his gay-hating (but secretly gay himself) racist ex-Marine father; cooks side-by-side at the BBQ with hotty McBlackness as the inner-city urchins frolic around them in the park – and places her head on his large, broad shoulder as they watch the sunset together.

That night, after a full day getting loaded, fat beta white cuck husband (complete with rosary worn over his beer-stained singlet top and Pope Benedict framed picture in the background) beats his wife savagely after demanding why she's "smiling so fucken much these days... is it that NIGGER???"

At the same time, gay kid comes out to ex-Marine father, who then kills him with a baseball bat emblazoned with the American flag. Crying with shame, the father burns the body and uses his own gay porn mags and dildos as kindling.

Dark chocolate Minister Hotness rushes to operate on the battered doctor and narrowly saves her life. Her spastically-drunk husband confronts her diverse friends in the waiting room and punches the gay Asian out. Superblackman surges in, still wearing his surgeon's gown – because SURGEON – and levels him with one effortless punch. The police show up (both black) and cart whitey (who is now blubbering) off to jail.

As her eyes flutter open, the doctor sees her savior with a halo of light streaming in from the windows behind him. On the wall behind him is a portrait of Martin Luther King hugging JFK. As he tells her about the murder of gay dancing kid, she weeps and he smothers her tears with his big delicious doctor-minister lips. Fade to black.

Mid way through credits, show them years later, with three gorgeous mixed-race kids frolicking in the back yard of their mansion. Fat drunk white cuck (now sober and a member of Minister Black Doctor's church) is their gardener, happy in his rightful place.

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