Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Europe's burly and increasingly defiant doorman, Viktor Orban.

by Bay Area Guy

Despite the best efforts of Western elites to morally browbeat Hungary into accepting Syrian refugees, the obstinate Eastern European nation refuses to budge. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban – with the enthusiastic support of his people – has steadfastly refused to bow down to Germany’s “moral imperialism” and accept Angela Merkel’s refugee quotas. Insisting that Hungary lacks the resources and cultural infrastructure to accommodate thousands of outsiders, Orban’s spokesman then cited the failure of Western multiculturalism as reason to seal Hungary’s borders.

Good for them! For starters, I’m glad that Germany is being called out for its shameless behavior; the same nation that has no problem condemning Greece to 3rd world penury has the audacity to pressure poorer Eastern European and Balkans countries into opening their hearts to thousands of alien newcomers. But more importantly, Hungary’s fight against the pro-immigration crowd has generated angry reactions from the left, which are quite telling.

Keeping out the invading hordes.
The hostility leftists display towards Hungary’s obdurate anti-immigration stance should at last expose many of the tired arguments that they employ in favor of open borders. Last time I checked, Hungary never colonized large swathes of non-white land, enslaved black people, or plundered the 3rd world via unfair neoliberal economic arrangements. Unlike the US or Britain, Hungary cannot be tarred with the white man’s original sin. And yet the left still adamantly denounces Hungary for its refusal to burden itself with refugees that they played no role in displacing. As far as the left is concerned, white people have no right to any nation of their own; they must keep their borders open for any and all newcomers – not just refugees.

More importantly, however, Hungary’s recalcitrance is edifying because it demonstrates the perfect strategy for beating the left: telling them to piss off. Seriously, that’s all you need to do. Don’t apologize or obsequiously seek absolution for perceived “offensive” conduct; don’t debate the morality of immigration; don’t insist that whites are victims of “reverse racism” or anything of the sort; don’t even defensively deny having “white privilege.”

Don’t indulge them at all. The second you hear them exhort white people to open up their borders or yield power and resources to other groups, tune them out. Convey in no uncertain terms that you will not countenance their arguments, and that you refuse to let them dictate the terms of conversation. Unapologetically embrace the kind of nationalistic, self-interested stance adopted by Viktor Orban. Or if Hungary isn’t inspiring enough for you, learn from China’s defiant reaction in response to Hilary Clinton criticizing their record on women’s rights.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt that most white people will adopt Orban’s unapologetic demeanor any time soon. Nevertheless, he provides a good model for how to fight back against leftist psyops. Too bad it takes former Communist countries like Hungary (and China) to remind the white West that nationalism still exists.

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  1. Orban would be committing electoral suicide by acceding to Europe's demands. The Hungarians are not as cucked as the Germans and other populations of the former Free West.

    Population replacement is the EU's game. (((They've))) lost confidence in the people who allowed the (((EU))) to be created, and so, (((they))) have decided to elect a new people.

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