Monday, 12 October 2015


In the same way that the shattered bones of the Unknown Soldier were selected as a symbol of the millions of similar young men who died tragically and wastefully in World War One, so for this month’s “Idiot of the Month,” we have selected the relatively anonymous Bex the Tumblrista for this classic but not uncommon piece of contemporary stupidity picked up by the ever-vigilant Shit Tumblr Says Facebook group.

To quote:
"I got sent home from my high school today because I wore this to class. They told me it was 'highly inappropriate'. You know what I find 'highly inappropriate'? That I, as an 18-year-old independent student, cannot dress freely and express myself how I feel comfortable without being called 'inappropriate'...I am more comfortable when I am less dressed. I learn better when I am more comfortable. I should not be oppressed for wearing something as dumb as a simple crop top. SHARE if girl should be allowed to wear WHATEVER THEY WANT to school—it is school, not a church house!!"
Yes, the modern school is not a church house, but with young White women treating their bodies like attention-whoring toys until their ovaries burn out, and the consequent shift of demographics to populations with a generally less chivalrous attitude to women, it may not be too long until they are transformed into “rape factories” (if they aren't already) for the likes of Bex and the other self-centred narcissistic sluts produced by our fucked-up post-feminist culture.

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