Wednesday, 28 October 2015


"Wir schaffen es!"

by Colin Liddell

After allowing several million young male Muslim migrants to swarm into Germany (like an enormous rape-shaped dildo), Angela Merkel, according to rumours, is now thinking of quitting her position as Chancellor before her term expires.

This desire to quit was mentioned in several stories last year, but that might merely have been political posturing, with Merkel affecting a little false humility in order to screw the crown tighter on her own head. But this time the rumours should be taken more seriously as the "push factors" are much more significant. Germans are now extremely dissatisfied with her actions and incidents of “local democracy” have been breaking out across the country.

Things are only going to get worse for Merkel as the chaos she has introduced to Germany’s well-run society becomes ever more apparent, with growing welfare, petty crime, and rape. Recently it was revealed that 700 out of 4,000 migrants housed in Lower Saxony over the past week have simply gone missing. This means 700 mainly young men roaming around undocumented and unsupervised. Clearly this is not going to end well. When the more horrifying rape stories roll in, as they inevitably will, Merkel’s position will become untenable.

In such cases, it better to jump before one is pushed.

A heart-warming outbreak of "local democracy" in a German town.
But then there are also pull factors. Lest year, when Merkel’s camp floated rumours of her nobly stepping down before her term expires in 2017, there was talk about how her talents could be used elsewhere as UN Secretary-General or President of the European Council:
"Suggestions that Mrs Merkel might want to succeed Ban Ki-moon as UN Secretary-General first emerged in May, in a report in a Luxembourg newspaper that got little attention, and was denied by Mrs Merkel's spokesman. A successor for Mr Ban will be chosen in 2016. By UN convention it is the turn of a European."
Such rumours even had the validation of a direct denial, which means they must be true:
"When asked in a recent television interview if she would like to be UN Secretary-General in 2018, Mrs Merkel replied: 'That will certainly not happen."
Although Merkel has proved a total fuck-up as leader in the last few months, we should definitely not underestimate the woman’s political cunning and tenacity to hang on. I suspect that it will take a considerable combination of both push and pull factors to remove this harridan from office. I estimate that at least one particularly horrific rape-and-murder story directly tied to the recent Middle Eastern influx (and a real rebellion within her party), combined with an extremely tempting high status, supranational job offer, like UN Secretary-General, will be required.

But would it be wise to make a woman of Merkel’s recent record of insanity UN Secretary-General just to prise her out of the Chancellorship? Even though the position of Secretary-General is something of a high status sinecure post, it can still, on occasion, prove highly influential. And do we really want Merkel parroting her global musical chairs slogan of "Wir schaffen es!" ("We can do it!") on the international stage 24-7?

But, still, I suspect that we are not going to get rid of this post-menopausal Muslim-friendly mess of a matriarch unless we dangle a nice shiny bauble before her baggy eyes and saggy cheeks. Therefore I propose that we literally offer “Mutti” the Moon, by creating her "Empress of the Lunar Empire," a title even more vacuous and grandiloquent than UN Secretary-General, and offer her a rocket ship to her new abode, a fitting symbol of lunacy, feminine inconsistency, and, indeed, Islam. If only her adoring hordes of Muslim migrants could follow her there!

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  1. The only way to get rid of her is to hope for a Night of the Long Knives at the ballot box. Hopefully, that vain old mad cow has it coming to her. I would suspect that there is an element of bribery and blackmail determining the loyalty of her supporters for her.

    Although, I have reason to suspect that the real Angela Merkel is dead and has been replaced with a body double; a kagemusha. Remember that helicopter ride she had where her helicopter made an "emergency" landing?

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