Sunday, 25 October 2015


"Yay! We've arrived in a continent that hates us,
but still hates its hatred more than it hates us."

Thanks to the misguided maternalism, surreptitious Stasiism, and corrupt conservatism of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Europe has been going through some notable changes. The continent has been washed in a brown tide of fake refugees, and there has even been talk of a wave of rapes (actual or anticipated) not unlike that carried out by Germany's last wave of invaders, the Red Army in 1945.

Now, of course, we know the Germans are a stoical and even masochistic bunch, who enthusiastically embrace "Muh holocaust guilt," alongside being world leaders in scatological porn, as ready substitutes for the desiccated remnants of their dour Lutheran religion, but even they have their limits with regard to being dumped on, and it seems that Frau Merkel has found them with the publication of the latest "hate maps" of Europe.

These shows a region-by-region breakdown of the degree to which "immigration" (a polite code word for mass invasion and Rotherhams) has outstripped the need for more bicycle lanes or bottle banks to become the chief political concern of Euro-voters.

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This map, using red for maximum racism and pale orange for near-liberal levels of "we're all human" and "I'm sure they'll blend in once we allow them to build mosques and rape our daughters," shows that hatred is now strongest in Germany, most notably in the regions most exposed to the migrant flood. Who knew!?

Merkel has basically performed the miracle of changing the most cucked part of Europe into the most racially aware, a feat that she shares with her predecessor Herr Hitler.

This note of German exceptionalism is even more marked on this next map, which shows how attitudes have changed from only a few years ago, with dark green representing decreasing concern about immigrants – mainly areas with sluggish economies and healthy local traditions of lynching migrant malefactors – and red representing  "Oh, fuck! What have we done?" and "How can we bring back Adolf?"

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Once again, Germany stands out, glowing bright red like an angry volcano about to explode, along with a few other mini volcanoes – Sicily, Hungary, Estonia, and Southern Sweden.

One thing is clear from all this: The more migrants arrive, the more Europeans hate them, but the only reason they keep arriving is because Europeans have traditionally hated their hatred more than they've hated their invaders. What happens when that is no longer the case is anyone's guess.

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