Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Someone else in the household watches a lot of cooking shows on the weekends, so I’ve been seeing this ad for California tourism a lot lately.

Having lived in California for a little while, I’m familiar with the places and visions they’re promoting. What’s interesting about this is that there’s not a single non-white person in the ad. And that makes sense, because the upper middle class California has virtually no interaction with non-whites. One of the chief reasons why they love shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s is because of what kind of person operates the check-out.

California is 39% Latino, and the census probably under-counts that proportion due to illegal immigration. But no one in the rest of the country really wants to visit Latin California. They want to visit fantasy Whiteopia California. Napa Valley is not an especially ethnically vibrant vacation destination. It’s an ersatz Southern France.

In terms of real, lived social experience, California liberals want to live in the San Francisco neighborhoods where they’re surrounded by people like them. They want to move to ethnically uniform enclaves like Menlo Park. They want to live in Santa Monica where their neighbors look like the flat-bellied bikini blonde. They don’t want to live near pear-shaped peasants from El Salvador. They want you to live near them.

A lot of people don’t really get the joke about mass immigration. The immigrants are there to drive down the price of labor and to fill the voting rolls. They’re kept far away from the places where rich (and striving) Californians actually live or want to live. They’re meat for them to use, of no particular value beyond their political and economic utility.

For this reason, propaganda lines telling white liberals to “love their race” are stupid. They already do. They love their race more than you love your race. That’s why they work so hard to live near the Presidio. They import the other people to use against people like you, to keep you from climbing up to where they are. They have a firmer understanding of who their friends are and who their enemies are. That’s why they’re effective at maintaining their own positions. They play the game to win.

Is it stupid? Yes. Will their magic kingdom crumble? Yes. But appeals to unity which transcends class and real political interests will never hit their marks.

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