The following is an excerpt taken from a soon-to-be-published longer work by Andy Nowicki, Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance.
The mask slips.

Given the dynamics of human interaction, is it really so implausible to think that a certain clique possessed of cunning, ruthlessness, and nimble confidence should manage to work their way to global dominance? One need not posit the reality of any preternatural hocus pocus or hold to theories of invasive shapeshifters or elite alien bloodlines to comprehend the reality of Reptilian tyranny. We need not tear off their human skin to expose their scaly bodies, nor need we reach down their mouths to pluck out their forked tongues to know who they are; just as a tree can be judged by its fruits, we can recognize the true identity of the Reptilian by scrutinizing the behavior he displays when he thinks no one else is paying attention.

The Reptilian’s DNA may in fact not differ markedly from our own; the Reptoidally-inclined may be of the same essential genus and species as the rest of us, but they are still fundamentally different in their creaturely attributes. It is crucial that we understand the nature of this distinction, and are thus enabled to come to terms with the fact that this type of being possesses nothing resembling what we would call a sense of “shame”; they can speak outrageous lies without blushing, batting an eye, or otherwise giving themselves away with any facial flinchor bodily “tell,” as is not the case with those less practiced in the flagrant flaunting of untruth.

This ability to lie without shame renders them resilient politicians and durable public figures; being immune to embarrassment at the notion of being called out for their transgressions is only one symptom of a much broader pathology; not only are these Reptilian beings prone towards terminal dishonesty, they also feel no particular compunction about doing much of anything generally deemed socially unacceptable, even immoral or depraved, if it suits them to do so.

Habitual, pathological lying is in fact usually the least of the Reptilians’ transgressions. Among other things, they are perfectly copacetic about committing murder, though they are rather inclined to “outsource” such operations, both to ensure plausible deniability for themselves and also for mere convenience’s sake; after all, such a method enables them to compartmentalize their misdeeds, which is a prudent way of ensuring loyalty from their subserviently blackmailable henchmen, who can become “fall guys” in a pinch. But there is a more visceral appeal here: being carnivorous vipers, the Reptilians appear also to have a positive hunger for the “meat” of souls, procured either though outright killing or perhaps through more terrifying means of sacrificial defilement which leaves a victim wishing for the comfort of elusive death.

It is through the indulgence in such unspeakable depredations that the Reptilian’s vitality seems to be most enhanced; he is never happier than after he has partaken in the grotesque spectacle of his infernal villainy. Yet he is uncannily able to arise from commission of the foulest of abominations, wipe the blood from his lips, straighten his necktie, tuck in his now-filthy shirttail… and go on as if nothing amiss had ever occurred, ignoring the awful echoes of his latest victim’s screams, which still ring freshly in his oblivious ears. As such, his (quite real, quite sincere) absence of care often functions as a hypnotic deception; indeed, people gaze upon his seemingly guileless countenance and conclude that, after all, he must be an innocent, with nothing to hide, no skeletons (literal or otherwise) in his closet, because if he were guilty, he would surely show it in some mode or manner.

Two guileless countenances
In some cases, of course, the Reptilian will employ an entirely different strategy of deception: he will to all appearances confess to one of his crimes, in an entirely offhand manner. When this occurs, one is struck dumb by the careless, indeed carefree delivery he employs to reveal something strikingly revelatory, which departs so wildly from the accepted account of how something or other came to be that the hearer is bewildered, unsure if he actually heard correctly. Extraordinarily enough, a Reptilian will suddenly share a forbidden, highly dangerous truth, with the same automatic, breezy, off-the-cuff demeanor he affects when calmly uttering his staggeringly blatant lies. Just as a “stopped clock is correct twice a day,” so occasionally this malignantly narcissistic, pathologically dishonest creature will suddenly let you in on a whopper of a truth.

Consider, for instance, the casual effrontery with which one major financier in the Manhattan construction industry “let the cat out of the bag” in a New York minute when he stated in a TV interview that World Trade Center Building 7 was “pulled,” i.e., willfully demolished, on September 11, 2001. 

The “wow” factor here, at having apparently heard a forbidden fact which had never before been dreamt of, much less wondered at, is roughly equivalent to the “wow” factor involved in pondering the equally startling chutzpah of a leading presidential aspirant who claimed to have invented the internet. 

Both the truth and the lie in these two cases seem, curiously enough, to derive from the same curious reptoid instinct, whereby calculation is rendered as impulsiveness, and vice versa, to the point where the listener isn’t at all sure where the impulse begins and the calculation ends.

Of course, each of these characters—Larry Silverstein in the first case, Al Gore in the second—claimed afterwards that their words were mischaracterized. Yet each man’s words clearly spoke for themselves. The commonality in each case, again, was the supreme unguardedness with which each speaker revealed either his unvarnished truth or baldfaced lie, and the seeming disregard for consequences, indeed the supreme lack of care about saying that which was either self-evidently false and would surely be found out (as with Gore’s plainly fictitious boast about being the architect of the internet), or that which is evidently true but was supposed to remain forever hidden from sight (as with Silverstein’s jaw-dropping revelation regarding Building 7’s demolition).


Some will claim that such cases reveal a brazen strategy that amounts to a “psy-op” in itself, a kind of “revelation of the method” intended to subtly sow an atmosphere of even greater mistrust, but to make such a claim is, I think, to give our reptoid brethren altogether too much credit. In fact, they are not necessarily so clever as this; rather, they are simply awash with a sense of entitlement to such a thoroughgoing extent that they often lose track of how they are perceived by normal human beings when they commit such statements to record. 

Moreover, they grow irritated when they find themselves compelled, for public relations’ sake, to have to backtrack or “clarify” such comments, to the point where their arrogance nearly undoes them; eventually, however, they do what is deemed necessary, even at times going so far as to issue scripted “apologies” for their prior misstatements. Though being forced to grovel to their perceived “lessers” is deeply repugnant to them, their absence of shame and desperate addiction to power and control ultimately overrides the natural-born contempt they possess for those they deem to be little more than human cattle, fit to be led and fed at certain intervals before the necessary slaughter, once culling again proves to be propitious.

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Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Under the NihilThe Columbine PilgrimConsidering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so. Visit his Soundcloud page.

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